Homeschool Morning

Homeschool Morning

As a homeschooler, I get asked a lot of questions.

“What’s your day like?” is one of the most frequent.

Let me give you an idea. Our homeschool morning.

My day started at 630 am. I stumbled out of bed, in search of caffeine. The Middles, and Boo, are already awake. Yes, my children are up before 630 am, because they’re freaks, just like their Daddy. If they were like their Mommy, they’d sleep in. Like, 10am. But noooooo, they have to be up at the butt crack of dawn. I don’t think the sun was even up yet.

They haul out their math books. Yes, they start doing math before 7am. Because they hate me, and want me to do math before coffee. OK, they don’t actually hate me…I don’t think. They just want math out of the way. Fine.

Then the whining starts. “He took my pencil!” “No, she lost hers, and is trying to steal mine!” The fact that I bought six packages of brand new pencils doesn’t register with either child. Even after I mention it. Repeatedly.

Then, the Great Eraser Hunt begins. Again, bought several packages of erasers. Not a single one can be found. Seriously? I’m giving grave consideration to buying a SAFE, and installing it in my room, just to keep erasers in. I’ve no idea if they’re eating them or what, but four packages of erasers shouldn’t just vanish, without ever being opened. I almost suspect that they tossed them, thinking that if they can’t find an eraser, they get out of math, but the kids know me better than that.

“I thought this math would be EASY!” “It IS easy, but you have to do the actual math.” Yes, that was said. Figuring out if something is greater than, less than, or equal does actually require you to the math on both sides of the equation, not just guess. *sigh*

Then, in a tussle over a rubber rabbit, the rabbit lost its head. Yes, a decapitated bunny. Good morning. Now Tazzie has lines to write.

See what you miss by not homeschooling?


Then its reading time. Thankfully, that goes reasonably easily. Now up is history, followed by some spelling and printing.

I’m sure there’s a reason I don’t drink heavily, but at the moment, I can’t really recall what that is.

Here’s the truth though: there comes a moment. Doesn’t happen in every day, but it happens. Call it the ‘snap’, call it ‘flipping the switch’, call it anything you want, but that moment where you see a light come on in a brand new room in your child’s head. Where they get it. Where the seemingly random letters make sense, and tell a story. Where the numbers make sense. And I get to witness it all for myself.

And, we have yet to get out of our pjs.


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Homeschool Morning — 4 Comments

  1. My son is a freak like his father too, waking up way too early. My sister-in-laws children are like her, making sure not to get out of bed earlier than 11am if they can help it. Coffee is a big deal at my house lol I love that you get the reap the rewards of lightbulb moments, for all the work involved in homeschooling, you freaking deserve it!

    • Honestly, some days I’m not sure if its the lightbulb moments, or if its the staying in pjs, not having to pack lunches, and race out the door moments. Cause, holy old cheezits, when I think back on the track race of getting Diva out the door, homework at night, etc…I need a nap.

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