Have You Seen Mr. Lamb?

Missing: One Mr. Lamb

Missing: One Mr. Lamb

All was well with my Mother’s Day, until bedtime. Specifically, Boo’s bedtime.

Tucking him in, I discovered that Mr. Lamb was missing.

Mr. Lamb is Boo’s cuddly. His special sleep toy. You know Linus and his blanket? That’s Boo with Mr. Lamb.

It was a gift from a friend, for Christmas just after his first birthday.

Mr. Lamb is, well…gross.

Some would call him ‘well loved’, but I think ‘gross’ is more accurate.

It just figures that the ONE time one of my kids gets a WHITE stuffed animal, it’s also the ONE time I have a kid that gets attached to a stuffed animal, and makes it his essential lovey.

Mr. Lamb isn’t white any more. At best, he’s a sort of bluish colour, from the detergent. Most times, he’s more of a dingy grey. He has a hole in one of his ears. A thumb sized hole, as Boo is also my only child who’s ever sucked his thumb. And yes, he sticks his thumb through Mr. Lamb’s ear when he goes to sleep at night.

Except for tonight, of course.

We’ve looked everywhere. Inside the house. Wolf looked in the yard. Normally, Mr. Lamb doesn’t leave the house, but where the heck could he be?

Poor Boo is looking forlorn, wandering around calling for his Mr. Lamb.

We’ve tried to get an imposter. We did. And it was soundly rejected.

So now, I’m wondering if Boo and I will ever sleep again. He’s not showing any signs of crashing anytime soon, not without Mr. Lamb. And if he’s up, I’m up.

That’s ok, I didn’t really want to sleep tonight. Or ever again.

If you were a raggedy, well loved, holey eared Mr. Lamb, where would you be?

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Have You Seen Mr. Lamb? — 6 Comments

  1. Having just found a much beloved stuffed frog named Quincy in the attic that’s the only place I can think to look, but I know it’s a long shot. I can only offer the hope that Mr. Lamb is found soon.

  2. In the car, under the couch, in a crevice between the shelf and wall? My little one has a bear and life comes to a screeching halt if he doesn’t have bear. I just saw in the comment above Mr. Lamb has been found,hopefully bedtime is back to normal. This was a really cute post. Thanks for writing.

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