Happy Birthday, Tazzie!

Happy Birthday, Tazzie!

Happy Birthday, Tazzie!

So, yesterday was Tazzie-boy’s birthday.

10th birthday, to be precise.

How the holy heck did that happen? Double digits?! What?!

Of course, being a Mom, I totally tormented the kid with stories from his birth day on the drive to going out for lunch. Nothing graphic mind you. Just talked about how excited Wolf was when he was born, what a beautiful baby he was, and what he was like as a baby.

None of the blood, gore, and yuck.

Heck, I don’t want to think much about that, so why would I bring it up on a kid’s birthday? *shudder*

We do tease him that he missed his due date by a couple of hours though. See, Tazzie was supposed to be our Valentine’s baby. We always tell him that if he’d been born on his due date, his middle name would’ve been Cupid.

One interesting thing about having a birthday right after Valentine’s, though…

The restaurant we were at had red hearts all over the walls.

This was right in our booth:



I mean, let’s count the ways this is wrong, shall we?

1) Dude puts his phone number up on the restaurant wall, ‘Call the forever alone guy for a good time!’

2) His Valentine’s date was his MOM. Who warns off anyone (apparently equally desperate) that would consider calling the number, “Don’t Do It!!”

3) Either his Mom knows he’s a loser, or she doesn’t want to lose her Valentine’s date. Either way, RED FLAGS! RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE!

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Happy Birthday, Tazzie! — 2 Comments

  1. Most guys’ moms are trying to set them up. The “forever alone guy” gives whole new meaning to the phrase “mommy issues”.

    More importantly happy birthday Tazzie. May you have many more years of doing things on your own schedule.

    • I know, right?! I mean, if there was ever a RED FLAG against dating someone, that would be it, LOL!

      Tazzie is homeschooled, so ‘his own schedule’ is definitely a thing here. Which can make me nuts, God love him, but so far, so good.

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