Happy Birthday Princess!

Happy Birthday, Princess!

Yes, today is my sweet Princess girl’s birthday.

We had a party for her yesterday.

Frankly, it looked like everything princess came and vomited in my kitchen. White, pink and purple streamers. Princess tablecloth, cups, hats, plates, napkins.  Oh, and balloons. Did I mention the balloons? Gold, silver and purple.

Did I also mention I hate balloons? Seriously. Hate them. The way they smell, the way they squeak, the way they pop. *shudder*

I don’t have full-blown (ha!) globophobia, but I hate them. Someone once told me that balloons are the Devil’s boogers, and I’m not inclined to disagree.

The things we do for our kids.


We also had a Princess piñata. We were smart enough not to put that in the kitchen, but rather hung it from the cherry tree outside. Wolf flat-out refused to have any part of holding it. Chicken.

Happy Birthday Princess

Our Piñata stick. Why, yes it IS an ice scraper, wrapped in a towel, secured with duct tape. Canadian, eh?

The highlight of the day was probably Princess getting her princess dress.

A happy Princess

A happy Princess

Yes, I take shameful advantage of early Hallowe’en marketing.

After stuffing the kids full of cake, ice cream, and pop, we sent them outside to play again. Diva taught them to play Red Rover, so I had several girls charging around my back yard, dressed in their finest Princess swag, shrieking, laughing, brandishing pink wands at each other, and trying to mow each other down, plus Tazzie and another brother of one of the girls, who decided that enduring shrieking, giggling, hyper active girls were a small price to pay for cake and ice-cream. Actually, the other brother brought over some swords, so he and Tazzie had fun pummeling each other for a while.

After it was all over, Wolf turned to me and said, “That went well. No bloodshed, no tears, nobody impaled on a piñata stick.”

I agreed, then mused, “You know, maybe we need to set our standards a bit higher. Nobody experiencing bodily harm seems an awfully low goal to set.”

Wolf shrugged. “Take what you can get.”

Indeed. The kids all had fun, nobody was hurt or threw up, closest we came to an issue was Princess getting a sucker stuck in her hair, and even the babies napped and cooperated. Princess has declared it her ‘best birthday ever!’. I’m just relieved that an ‘old fashioned’ style birthday party, with no electronics involved, no big outing, just cake, ice cream, and games still works. Heck, Pinterest wasn’t even consulted! *gasp*

Happy birthday, my Princess.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Princess Girl.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Princess Girl.

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    • I think it says something about the accident prone nature of my family…or rather, myself, when ‘no injuries’ is at the top of the list for success. I find it a bit reassuring that we’re not alone on that though, LOL!

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