Happy Birthday, Boo!

Yep. Two days after Diva’s Sweet 16, it’s time to yell, “Happy Birthday, Boo!”

In fact, I was under severe warning, three years ago about that.

“Don’t you DARE have that baby on my birthday, Mom! You’ll RUIN my birthday!”

Thanks, Diva. Cause, yanno, I have control over my uterus like that. Sure.

So, today we hauled out the red duct tape and Christmas wrapping paper…oh, you don’t believe me?


Duct taped snowmen. We rock.

Duct taped snowmen. We rock.

Yes, we’re klassy like that. Neither Wolf nor I remembered to buy birthday wrapping paper. Or tape. So, it’s snowmen and red duct tape. Hey, the red stuff is FANCY, ok? Not like it’s boring old grey duct tape.

(That gift is The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book, by the way. 3rd or 4th replacement copy)

That’s how we roll, folks. Duct tape, off season wrapping paper, and a dash of chaos.

Happy Birthday, Boo!

Happy Birthday Boo

Dancing with Daddy.

Happy birthday Boo

Attacking Daddy, after wearing him out.

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