Geographically Challenged

Hello, my name is Imp, and I’m geographically challenged.

I am horrid at geography.  I have a complete inability to retain information when it comes to where something is located…and this shows very clearly when Wolf has requested I do real estate research.

We do NOT want to buy in our city.  We’re wanting w/in commuting distance, however.

I am NOT able to glance at a map and mentally calculate what’s in reasonable distance or not.

Wolf, on the other hand, has GPS implanted in his brain…one of those kind of ppl that make me jealous.  He can glance at a map, or name of a city and town, and *bing* recite info.  He navigated MIL across Canada when he was 10/11 yrs old.

I’m lucky I can get to the local mall, 4 blocks away.  And for the love of potato chips, do NOT ask me to direct you anywhere in the city, or even to my house.  I’ve told ppl to call back when Wolf is home.

(Did I mention that I don’t drive?  Probably more than one reason for that).

So, can someone PLEASE explain why it is that I’M the one tapped to do research on real estate listings w/in commuting distance of a major city in our province?

Wolf suggested that I’m being intellectually lazy.  He claims that since I’m “brilliant at everything else” (direct quote) geography shouldn’t be a problem, except that I’m refusing to take the time to learn.  *I* say that everyone needs a flaw, and geography is mine.

Frankly, I’m not sure if I should be delighted that he thinks I’m brilliant at everything else, or insulted over the ‘intellectually lazy’ part. 


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Geographically Challenged — 1 Comment

  1. Did I ever tell you about the time when we first moved to this city that I got lost in my own backyard? You see, Ware County doesn't have regular city blocks – you know – SQUARE. So, while you think if you go down this street, make a left, go down THAT street, and make another left, you're closer to home – you'd be wrong. Baby Girl and I once went on a walk around the neighborhood. Two hours later, it was dark and we were finally coming home. Meanwhile, The Man Beast was beyond livid and had already gone out looking for us. (Livid in TMB language means scared half to death – well, you know, you're married to a man, too..they sometimes substitute fear for anger).

    So, anywho…yeah, I get you. And as one who is “practically” brilliant in everything else (my blog speaks for itself), I too, take slight offense in the “intellectually lazy” part. However, I am frequently seen pointing saying, “Such and such is over here.” and TMB, ever so quietly, guiding my hand and turning it in the OTHER direction.

    Whatever. This is what my smartphone is for. It thinks for me.

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