I Made Him Propose?!

He's so disgusted with us...

He’s so disgusted with us…

Poor Tazzie boy.

Poor, poor, Tazzie.

He was complaining, at length, about Princess and her friends.

Girls, it seems, have become the bane of his existence.

They’re noisy, they whine, they cry, they giggle at weird stuff.

“I don’t like girls!” he declared, vehemently.

I could have pointed out that gee, I’m a girl, and he likes me just fine, but I’m more than a bit familiar with ten-year old boys. Moms aren’t girls, in their minds. I’ve never quite figured out the distinction, but it’s apparently a compliment. I think.

I shrugged. “You’ll change your mind some day. Your Dad did.”

“I’m NEVER changing my mind!” he protested. “And Dad didn’t change his mind!”

“Uh, I hate to point out the obvious, Dude, but Dad married me.”

“Yeah, but it’s not like he proposed or anything!”

I blinked at him. This was news to me. Ok, granted, Wolf’s proposal wasn’t exactly a grand romantic gesture, but…

“So how did we get married then?”

“You told him to.”


“Yep. You were on a date, and said, “We’re getting married.” and Dad said, ‘Okaaaaaaay'” he explained, hunching his shoulders, tucking his head, and using a condemned prisoner’s voice, obviously believing that for a guy, it’s the same thing.

I blinked. Now, it wasn’t Hollywood romantic, but Wolf DID propose. Honest.

Ok, sorta.

His exact words were, “So…you’re gonna marry me, huh?”

To which I replied, “Uh…that’s the plan…”

And he said, “Please?”

Yep. I count that as a proposal. There was even a ‘please’.

Tazzie wasn’t having any of it. He knows what he knows, and girls are icky and yucky and an all around pain in the butt. He should know, he has sisters. No WAY would his Dad actually PROPOSE to one. He insisted that I somehow made Wolf marry me.

(I swear I must have a Voldemort Vagina, the things I get accused of making Wolf do…)


I ended up having to call in back up, as in Wolf, and he confirmed that yes, he had indeed proposed. Yes, he’d WANTED to get married, and one day, Tazzie would discover that girls aren’t gross any more.

So now Tazzie is disgusted with both of us, and considers Wolf a traitor to their gender.

For another few years, anyways.

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I Made Him Propose?! — 6 Comments

  1. There is the old saying that men are like linoleum floors: lay one right the first time and you can walk on it forever. As a man I feel like I should find that objectionable, but then I get distracted and have to go cook dinner and wash the dishes afterward.

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