Father’s Day Thoughts

Father's Day Thoughts

Father’s Day thoughts…Any celebration focused on family can be a difficult time for those who didn’t have the family every child deserves to have.

Father’s Day can be hard for so many people, and yet it’s something of a deep, dark secret. How DARE anyone not be revering the male parent figure in their lives?

So, for those folks, I offer the following:

For those who’s fathers have died, I offer you my sympathy, prayers of love and support, and hope that even on as difficult a day as this may be for you, that you have some lovely memories to hold on to, to make you smile, and remember the warmth of your Dad’s arms around you. I pray that you had moments you shared, where you felt loved by him, love for him.

For those who never knew their fathers, I pray that you had someone, or have someone in your life to show you a positive male role model, to show you what a father could be, should be, can be, so that you have someone to think of when the topic of Dads comes up.

For those who have had no positive paternal roles, I pray that you are able to have a relationship in your life with someone who is a good man, who is, or may be in the future, a good parent.

To the single parents out there, who are doing double duty, I salute you and commend you. I was in your shoes for more than a decade, and understand how lonely a road that can be to walk.

To the Dads that are unable to be home with their families today, to the families at home, especially those who are currently deployed, I pray for your safe return, and for you to be reunited with those who love you soon. And thank you for your sacrifices.

To be a good father, in my opinion, starts with being a good man. Someone with honour, morals, principles. Who has the qualities of patience, humour, kindness, gentleness, and love to give to another.

If you haven’t had the blessing of someone like that in your life, it can be a lasting wound.

My advice is this: be the parent you wish you’d had. Look for the qualities in a partner that are what you wish your parent had had.

I’d like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to Wolf. I’m very blessed to be his wife, but even more, I feel blessed to have him as the Daddy Man to our Minions. He’s the dad I wish I’d had, the one I used to dream of.

And I’m proud and grateful that he’s the Daddy he is today.

I know he works at it. He makes mistakes, he struggles at times, but he always, ALWAYS, gets up and tries again.

He apologizes when he gets it wrong. He puts effort in to make it right. 

And no matter what, he strives each day to show his children how much he loves them, how much he loves being their Dad, and realizes the blessings they are in his life.

Happy Father’s Day.

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Father’s Day Thoughts — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for this. Next year I'm just going to stay completely off the internet. Instead of being able to focus on my husband, who DESERVES an awesome Father's Day, I was a PTSD triggered mess. Seeing my grandfather who raised me being praised and people “tearing up” at the description of him. Pul-ez. At best he was a clueless, unattached jerk. At worst he gave my younger sister nosebleeds at the table for expressing an opinion and eating disorders that still affect her today.

  2. I'm so sorry for the hurt you and your sister experienced.

    I don't know why we, as a society, have a need to rug sweep and play 'happy families', regardless of the reality.

    Some of us had the childhood that every child deserves.

    Some of us didn't.

    Pretending we all did is denying the survivors their truth, and perpetuates the harm originally done by their victimizers.

  3. This is so sweet dear. Thank you for writing this. My childhood wasn't perfect but as an adult when I think back, my parents tried their best, they were learning as they went, much like I am. My dad might have been imperfect, but he taught me to love completely, to try my best no matter what I was doing and not to tolerate people that were reckless with my heart nor to be careless with anyone elses heart.. Those lessons will always stay with me and for that I am thankful, imperfections, drama and chaos included.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  4. Sometimes, the legacy we're given isn't what happened, but rather, how we choose to deal with it after. Sounds like you've acheived some wonderful lessons to carry forward, and pass along. Lovely, <3

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