My Family Is Evil

Ok, so we were talking about my upcoming dental surgery. It’s not until the 20th, and I’ll be put under.

Wolf and Diva, right in front of me start discussing filming me afterwards. Wolf suggested he would park in front of the tree, wake me up screaming, “LOOK OUT! TREE!” on the way home, and film my reaction. He and Diva laughed like loons. My family is evil. That’s all there is to it.

Me? I’m too stupid to keep my evil ideas to myself, even when I’m the proposed victim.

Seriously. Cause what do I say?

“Yeah, or he could be pretending to run beside the truck, and yell, “HIT THE BRAKES! HIT THE BRAKES!”

I can’t even keep my mouth shut when they’re plotting against me.

This says something about my sense of self preservation . I have none. My evil sense of humour trumps my need to survive, apparently.

And I even mused that it would be an interesting youtube video.

Apparently, I’m too dumb to save myself from them. And God knows, I’m a lot more creatively inspired than they are.

I need someone to save me from myself, because I’m too stupid to do it.

Then there was this morning. I walked out back, and this was the sight that greeted me.

My Family Is Evil

The things I see from my back deck…

Yes, that’s my son, laying on his belly, in the cherry tree.

As you can see, he used a chair to get there:

My Family Is Evil

Yep. He’s still stuck.

He seemed a wee bit stuck. Being the great mom I am…I ran for the camera.

What was I supposed to do, help him down? *snort* Not likely. Being one-armed, I couldn’t do anything but be a soft place for him to land. And probably break something while he was landing.

I know my place in the scheme of these events. Try and get out-of-the-way, and be prepared with the first aid kit.

His sisters? Well, Princess stood on the deck, sing singing, “Tazzie’s up a treeeee! Tazzie’s up a treeeeeeee!” And yes, she called him, “Tazzie” instead of his actual name. My kids have figured out that if I’m taking pics of their exploits, chances are, it’s going on the blog.

And Diva? She took a pic of her own.

My Family Is Evil

Yes, that’s the back of my head.

Nice kid. I guess I should be grateful that it doesn’t show me in all my un-caffeinated glory. Nobody needs to see that.

(He got down just fine, btw. I fled into the house before he jumped down, because I’m a wussy like that)

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