End of the Month: Budgeting, Meal Planning, Homemaking

If you missed it, you can find Week Three here

Budgeting, meal planning, homemaking

Well, it’s been another chaotic week Chez the Non Stepford Home.

Summer colds. Delightful. First Tazzie, then Princess, then both of the littlest Minions.

Then me. I’m always especially lucky, as colds hit my tonsils and leave me feeling like I’ve got a throat full of broken glass. Yay!

On the recovery side of things, but I’ve got the Demi Moore voice thing happening, which might be attractive, if it wasn’t for the cough and snot that goes with it.

Anyways. On to the report!


Things actually went pretty well last week. I’ve been keeping track of where our money is going, and haven’t needed a fresh start. One of my biggest budgeting challenges is getting Wolf and I on the same page at times. 

As I suspected, this first month was more about getting into the habit of recording expenses, getting used to the idea of budgeting, and working on the emotional component of things. As I’ve said before, the depth of the emotional issues with it is far more than I had thought.

Now that I’ve seen where our money is going, it’s time to make some serious changes to that.

Meal Planning

In some ways, this has been the *easiest* part of the last month. I’m honestly surprised at how easy that has been, overall. Absolutely having Budget Bytes to scope out has been a HUGE part of the reason why. We’ve discovered several new favourites, and it’s been fantastic not to have the every night supper scramble.

Now, granted, there have been some nights where the meals didn’t happen that were planned, but overall? I’m REALLY enjoying this. I thought I would find it restrictive and a hassle, but it hasn’t been, not at all. Colour me surprised.

And, it’s absolutely cut down on trips to the store in a panic for something to throw in front of folks as the supper hour approaches.

The only issue we have is that Wolf complains that rice doesn’t keep him full, and he’s hungry too soon after supper. If anyone has suggestions on that, I would LOVE to hear them! He works an extremely physical job, so keeping him fed and satisfied is a must.


My fatal flaw, over all. To my very much unsurprise. Huge, honkin, overall flop.

BUT. I’m not giving up. I have pages printed off, ready to roll, Minions and I are recovered or recovering from the Creeping Crud, and this week it’s going to be my big focus.

I have a few ideas about how to attempt to change the execution of things, so I’ll update on how that went next week.

I realize that homemaking goes to the bottom of the list, every time. Not feeling well, RSD flare up, something more appealing to do, housework goes to the bottom. It’ll always be there, right? Yup, and that’s the problem. That, and the usual life chaos of living with 6 other people, and a big red dog. The worst offender at the moment is, of course, Terror Toddler. Well…the others contribute. Because, if they didn’t leave their pencils and crayons around, he wouldn’t be able to scribble on the walls. Several walls. Or, if folks were a wee bit more attentive when Wolf and I were at the grocery store, he wouldn’t have been able to get a container of apple juice and dump it all over my side of the bed.

Yes, MY side of the bed. Proof right there that Wolf is the favourite parent. *sniffle*

As Wolf said, “At least it’s not pee.”


What Next?

Well, I’m going to keep on trucking. Continue on with what we’ve been doing, and I’m also going to post some tips and tricks in the coming weeks. Maybe a recipe or three. Also, over the next few weeks, I’ll be hosting several give aways, so keep reading for those announcements!

I’m absolutely feeling more confident about these issues, which is something that I was severely lacking before. Didn’t know where to start, felt so overwhelmed, that I *didn’t* start. Bah. Now I feel like yes, I *can* do this, it’s not impossible, it’s totally within reach to accomplish. And that’s a pretty awesome way to feel!

Honestly, I feel in terms of budgeting, that now the REAL work begins. Now becomes the time to really enforce the budget. I needed to keep track of what was going on, in order to know what really IS a reasonable budget, and where we can cut some. Feeding a family of our size is absolutely a big part of the budget. Wild estimates at what was being spent were pretty useless, because while we do some major grocery shopping at sales and such, we still need milk on almost a daily basis. Bread pretty frequently too. Diva has some objections to making bread every other day, it seems. Whiner. 😛

So, that’s where we’re at. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these updates, because more will be coming!

If you have any tips, tricks, or hints, please share them in the comments!

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