Decluttering?! HELP!

Not my kid. Honest.

Not my kid. Honest.

Ok, folks.

Long story short, we’re scrambling, and planning to be out of here in roughly two months. To move a very long distance from where we currently are. (Relax, not about to invade another country, staying in Canada)

Basically, looking to get rid of anything that isn’t irreplacable, or too expensive not to take. 

Not what we had in mind, but with the truck dying, and being replaced with a van that doesn’t have anywhere near the same towing capacity, that’s what our options are. (Have you ever priced movers? Don’t, if you have any blood pressure issues. Trust. Me.)

So. If anyone has made a big long distance move, after having to drastically pare things down, or is just a decluttering guru, I’m calling for your help!

Any tips, tricks, suggestions are desperately needed.

Need to get seven people, four bedrooms, down to a trailer, back of a van, and some shipping boxes.

As always, your well wishes are very much welcome and appreciated.

So are virtual booze, coffee, and cheesecake.

If you want the backstory as to what’s prompted the move, you can find it here.

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