Dear Mr. Dryer Dude

How I spend my weekends

How I spend my weekends

Dear Mr. Dryer Dude,

I have to be honest here, you’re making me rather insane.

Granted, it’s not a long trip, measured more in inches than feet, but still, this is getting insane.

I have been without a dryer, now, for almost four weeks. FOUR WEEKS, Mr. Dryer Dude.

Now, I get that the first two weeks weren’t your fault. After all, you can’t come out until you get ¬†work order, and the property management company was slow to get one out to you. But, the last two weeks, Mr. Dryer Dude, that’s ALL your fault. I knew we were in for some trouble when you didn’t call or show for your first appointment, a week ago Thursday. Despite calling me the say before to arrange it, you didn’t show. When I finally got ahold of you on Friday, you claimed you’d lost the work order, as though that was a reasonable thing to have happen. Not likely, Mr. Dryer Dude. Your lack of organizational skills aren’t my fault, nor should they be my problem.

But you are insisting on making them be.

So. You finally show up on Saturday. Pull things apart, announce you don’t have the right belt for it (by the way, you decided it was a belt issue before you even came out. Wouldn’t finding out the make and model of the dryer have helped? Course not, you probably would have lost a service call fee). Then you tell us that you may not have a belt for it at your shop (again, would it not have made sense to have gotten the info and checked first?) and if you have to order it, it’ll be Tuesday before its fixed.

Tuesday came. Nothing from you. I managed to track you down, finally, to be told the belt would be in the next day. You didn’t call or show again. Then, Thursday you show up unannounced. No belt, mind you. You decide to see how much work it would be to pull out the existing dryer and replace it with an ‘extra’ you say you have. Well, it was as much work as it would have been the first time you were here, aka, more than you were willing to do. You then proceed to head out onto the back porch, and contemplate putting the extra OUTSIDE ON THE PORCH, and run the cord in through the vent.

OUTSIDE ON THE PORCH, Mr. Dryer Dude?! Really?! Do I *look* like Granny Clampett to you?! No, Mr. Dryer Dude, I do not. However, the cord was too short to do that anyway, so you left. Without doing anything.

How do you manage to get paid for this crap? Are you related to someone? Have compromising pictures of someone with a goat? Frankly, with your level of incompetence, have you considered a career in politics?

Then, you showed up today. With the belt you ordered. And the Angels sang.

Until they didn’t.



So, God only knows when you’ll be back again. Who knows what trumped-up excuse you’ll find to bill another service call, and not actually do any freaking work.

In the meantime, Mr. Dryer Dude, we’re a family of seven, without a dryer, or being able to put up any sort of clothesline, etc.

You’ve nicely illustrated the incompetence that can occur when someone has a monopoly on service. Because you have no danger of being fired by the property management company, you can jerk me around. If it were up to me, you’d have been fired when you showed up empty-handed, and suggested the dryer on the porch. Your reassurance that gee, the wiring wouldn’t be damaged at all by wind and rain was mind-boggling. There’s a reason that electrical appliances are slated for INDOOR USE, Mr. Dryer Dude.

Frankly, if you show up ONE MORE TIME and I don’t get the dryer fixed, I may stuff you in and duct tape the door shut. And then shove the entire dryer, with you in it, down the stairs of the Basement O’Doom.

My patience is at an end, Mr. Dryer Dude.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

And I have enough Minions to make it happen, Mr. Dryer Dude.

Frankly, I’ve given consideration to putting things on hangers and making the kids run around the house to air dry things. Seems like it would be more effective than waiting for you to do your flipping job.


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  1. Oh dear, I hope you get your dryer fixed soon!
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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