Cosleeping Failure

I love my kids. Despite what my teen dd might have one believe, my life’s goals aren’t their misery.

But, there’s one aspect of parenting that I admit I’m a complete failure at.


I can change diapers, clean up puke, kiss boo boos like nobody’s business.

But put a kid beside me in bed at night? Complete fail.

I admit, when they’re infants, it’s all my fault. I’m terrified. I skim the surface of sleep, worried that I’ll roll over on them, or Wolf will let fly an arm or elbow. Or, that they’ll somehow choose that moment to figure out locomotion, and launch themselves out of bed.

But once they’re older, it’s all their fault.

Take Boo, aka Terror Toddler.

This am is a perfect example.

His brother, Cubby, seems to be mastering the sleeping through the night skill, so Terror Toddler decides there’s a vaccuum of power, and it’s his duty to fill the gap. 3am, he’s awake.

I’ve learned that it’s the path of least resistance, and best hope of sleep, to simply bring him into bed at that point.

That’s when the fun begins.

Occasionally, he’ll settle down and sleep. It’s a rare thing, but just often enough to give me hope.

During daylight hours, Boo is a Daddy Addict, just like my other kids. But once the sun goes down, it’s all about the Mom.

It’s *my* pillow he wants. And if he’s not sharing my pillow, his head *must* have contact w/me. Either he’s jamming his head right under my jaw, or he’s grinding his head against my forehead, chest, arm or stomach. Mr. Lamb, his ever present lovey, is smacking me in the head, or jammed up my nose.

Then, for giggles, he flips. So now it’s his toes in my nose.

For variety, he’ll sit up and stroke my hair. Naturally curly hair is akin to a Chinese finger trap for toddlers. *Stroke* *YANK* *pat* *YANK*

This am, his bed gymnastics succeeded in waking both Wolf and I up. Hence this blog post at 5am. Boo’s perfectly happy to rumble around the house at unGodly hours of the am. 

At least, as I pointed out to Wolf, he’s good natured about the whole thing. Happy as can be. 


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