Parenting Minions

This parenting minions gig is unnerving. At least, it is for me. I’ve no clue if I’m actually doing it ‘right’, and by the time the kids are grown, and you see the full results of what your parenting has … Continue reading

Entertaining Terror Toddler

One of the more frequent questions I get is, “How do you keep the Terror Toddler busy while you do school?” Well, the easiest answer is, “He naps.” Truly. Nap time is prime time school time around here. Alas, not … Continue reading

Weird Homeschoolers

You know, folks often think homeschooled kids are ‘weird’ or ‘odd’. I hate to say it, but my kids do absolutely NOTHING to contradict this impression. But, in my defence, it started almost from birth. … Continue reading


This was actually written as a companion piece to Secrets of Homeschooling, which appeared on Sandbox to Socrates in January. Every now and then, some well meaning soul, when looking at the number of minions I have, the age ranges … Continue reading