Pooping Charms?

Way back when Diva was a wee thing, I remember standing in the aisles of a toy department┬ácompletely baffled. Diva had just turned one, and I wanted to get her a doll for Christmas. A saleswoman came up to me, … Continue reading

The Hospital Kid

The Hospital Kid. Every family it seems, has one. At the Non Stepford House, *I* am the acknowledged Hospital Kid. Someone gets hurt, it’s usually me. I mean, I had the porch roof vomit on my head, for crying out … Continue reading

Terror Toddler Too

My once sweet, innocent Cubby is quickly earning himself the name, ‘Terror Toddler Too’. Seriously, he seems more out to get me than any of the others. Take this morning, for example. As is pretty usual, both he and Boo … Continue reading