Dear Santa

Dear Santa, You and I must have a chat, Fat Boy. Because I’ve been listening to the Middle Minions lately, and I’m a bit afraid. I know they’re working on their lists to you, and have been since about August. … Continue reading

Difference Between Sons And Daughters

I sent the middle Minions out to play the other day. We’ve started getting snow, which fills their little Canadian Minion hearts with glee. They looooooove the snow. Snowball fights, snow forts, snow men, SLEDDING, snow is fun, fun, fun. … Continue reading

Help With The Elf on the Shelf!!

Ok, I totally got suckered a couple of years ago, into the whole, “Elf on the Shelf” insanity. In my defence, the person that suckered me had much older children, and her Elf was a homicidal, suicidal critter. It sounded … Continue reading

Colouring on Daddy

I’ve been laid low with a toothache for the last while. What happens when Minions are bored, and look for something to do? Well they find the hair markers, for one. These were bought for Princess about a year ago, … Continue reading