Arming A Toddler

I suspect that this may not be the most brilliant idea Wolf’s ever had. Arming Boo. With a gigantic squirt gun, that has an extra ‘clip’ or reservoir for water. The darn thing is almost as big as Boo is. … Continue reading

Potty Training Psychosis

I’ve potty trained four kids already. And I still dread the next two. Of all the things I do as a Mother, I swear potty training is right up there as one of my least favourite tasks. The whining, the … Continue reading

Parenting Survival Tips

With five kids at home, I’ve been asked about how we manage, being so outnumbered. Honestly, the same way you do when there’s only one child, but with a lot more frequency, possibly some extra creativity, and a lot more … Continue reading

Can We Be Mom Friends?

As I’ve gotten older, I’m not sure if I’ve gotten, well, bitchier, or if I’ve just learned that I don’t play well with other Moms. Actually, that’s not exactly true. I actually get along very well with other Moms, especially … Continue reading

Why I Prefer Teens To Toddlers

I’ll never forget the elderly lady on the bus. My then two-year old was pitching a tantrum. She leaned over, and with a smirk said, “Don’t worry, Dear. One day he’ll be a teenager.” Thanks. At that moment, throwing myself … Continue reading