Things Nobody Told You, Sick Kid Edition

A little while ago, I did a post about what parenting essentials that you’d need that nobody told you about, and another on parenting survival tips. Today, I’m adding to the list. Since both Terror Toddlers are sick right now, … Continue reading

Terror Toddler Strikes!

Here’s a truth that a mom to a large family knows, but doesn’t say out loud: It is EASIER to have all the kids at home, than to be left alone with toddlers. Seriously. Diva and the middle Minions went … Continue reading

Catapults And Green Beans

It’s been quite the weekend at the Non Stepford home. First, still wrapping my head around the news about Bazinga the Wonder Dog. You can read what happened on Thursday here and here. … Continue reading

About Raising A Large Family

Hey guys! Struggling a wee bit with what’s going on with Bazinga, so for today, here’s a post that ran on Scary Mommy last year. Enjoy! My husband and I never set out to have a “large” family. If either of … Continue reading