Grandparent Rights? No!

There are a group of people who are currently lobbying for grandparent rights. Visitation rights, specifically. They claimed yesterday as ‘their’ day. Flag Day, in the US, has now been co-opted by folks who have their own agenda, and frankly, … Continue reading

Don’t Be A Jerk Commenter

Here at Not A Stepford Life, I try to better the world, one post at a time. Or something like that. Sounds good, anyways. The excitement of the Scary Mommy article hit a new high for me, when Wolf woke me up … Continue reading

Dr. Laura Is Wrong

  Recently, across my news feed, there was a cartoon from Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s Facebook page, with the caption, “The Mother and Daughter in law can never be equal, nor should they strive to be”. Dr. Laura went on to say … Continue reading