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OK, Week One is safely behind us.

And we’re all still alive.

So, I’m counting that as a success.

Yes, I have a low threshold for success.


As I’ve mentioned, with the giveaway, I’m using You Need A Budget for the budgeting aspect of life.

So far, the program is helpful…if only I could actually readjust my mental settings to get used to using one. I’m finding that tracking where our money ought to go, and keeping track of every dollar coming in and out, is creating a bit of anxiety for me. Not the fault of the program, but a personal issue.  When I decided to get a handle on our budget, a large part of the issue was to see where our money was going, and how to change our spending habits so that we could start saving for a down payment on a house.

Well, so far, I’m seeing where the money is going. And I’m seeing that we need to curb some impulses. Big time.

On the good note, my major failing has always been going out to eat. And, we didn’t eat out at all this past week.

So, my goal for Week Two is to work through the emotional component of the budgeting. Frankly, it wasn’t something I’d even thought about being an issue, which is dumb of me. Money has been a source of stress, fear, even terror in my adult life, for many, many years. Even though we’re not struggling the way we have in years past, doesn’t mean that those terrors go away. I’ve dealt with all those negative emotions by NOT dealing with them. By not taking control of our budget, so this is absolutely my biggest challenge.

Meal Planning

Best laid plans of mice and men…

Honestly, we’ve done really, really well on this. Sure, there has been a few adjustments, but honestly, I kind of expected that. And, there were things I didn’t think about (DUH, I didn’t include every meal in my planning, because my family tends to fend for themselves as far as breakfast and lunch goes…but, that kind of should still be included in the planning and grocery buying, doofus. Thankfully, Wolf automatically buys cereal and such, so we aren’t hooped, just me being a dummy).

I’ve found some incredibly excellent recipes at a site called, Budget Bytes. Of course, I have to double pretty much every recipe ever invented, *and* I’m in Canada, so her prices don’t work out for me, but holy old cheezits, YUMMY!

I’m pinning the recipes I use here.

So far, it hasn’t hit our budget, savings wise, doing this. Partly because we do a MASSIVE grocery shop the first Tuesday of every month. Coupons aren’t a ‘thing’ here in Canada, at least, nowhere I’ve ever lived. What we *do* have in my part of Canada are certain grocery stores that offer 10-15% off your entire grocery bill on the first Tuesday of every month. So, aside from produce and such, we do a major stock up. With the help of the program I’m trying out for meal planning, I planned our meals for the month, and have everything we need (except for perishables) for the next month, so it *should* see our weekly grocery bill reduce drastically. It will be very interesting to see, in the coming weeks.

So, Week Two meal planning is to keep on keeping on.


My Waterloo. Which, honestly, comes as NO surprise to me at all. The whole one armed gig is absolutely the biggest issue, with my disorganization and ‘artiste’ mentality running a close second. 

But, I *have* kept up with the laundry. So, that’s an improvement.

My Week Two goal? Get everyone better about cleaning up after themselves. Which, considering I just gave Wolf a stern talking to about slopping coffee down the front of my freshly scrubbed WHITE cupboard doors, may be my biggest challenge yet.

Week One Summary

Overall, I’m happy with the way things are going. I’m seeing progress, which encourages me to keep going.  I’d still rather win the lottery, not have to think about money at all, and pay someone else to do the meal planning, cooking, and cleaning, but I think that probably goes without saying.

As long as I’m the sucker that has to do/oversee these things, I think we’re headed in a good direction.

But, I’m still buying a lottery ticket. Just in case.

Today is the LAST DAY to enter the You Need A Budget give away! Entries close at midnight, so if you haven’t entered yet, hurry! If you know anyone that could benefit from a budgeting program, let them know to hurry and enter!

Winner announced tomorrow!

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