Budgeting? Meal Planning? Housekeeping?

Oh, may God have mercy on my soul, because I’m going to tackle not one, not two, but ALL THREE big problem areas at the Non Stepford home.

The first two really go hand in hand.

Budgeting, and meal planning.

Let me be completely honest and say, I suck at both. Completely. Budgeting is a big challenge for us, because, frankly, Wolf and I do not take it as seriously as we ought, and are impulsive. Careless, even. Bills get paid, food is bought, but there’s a whole lot of cutting that COULD and SHOULD be done, especially as we want to purchase our first home in the next 12 months or so.

And, a BIG place of waste is our grocery bill. HUGE. 

And that’s on me, completely. I desperately need to start meal planning…and stick with it. The times where I’ve *planned* a week worth of meals, the plan doesn’t get followed. I’m temperamental. For example, I might have Chicken Tortillas on the menu for Tuesday. Tuesday rolls around, and for whatever reason, I don’t *feel* like making or eating that. Then, chances are, I’m sending either Wolf or Diva to the store to pick up something quick and easy…and we all know that sort of thing is death to a budget, and never a particularly healthy choice either.

Frankly, it’s ridiculous. 

Add in to that, I’d like to get more careful about eating healthier, which makes planning needed. I’m *supposed* to be gluten free, but time and again find myself stuffing my face with gluten, simply because I haven’t planned better, and it’s what’s in the house. Blech.

So. Two major issues in front of me.

Then there’s housework.


Being one armed, housework is a challenge. And that’s being kind. Many things are flat out impossible to do one handed. However, if I can get us somewhat organized (geez, I hate that word…’organized’…see my post here for how I feel about organization) I have more than enough Minions to keep the place from danger of being condemned. We’ll never have perfection, but it can at least hit ‘reasonable’, a standard we’re not currently hitting consistently. At all.


In the interest of accomplishment, and accountability, I’m going to start tracking progress here. Starting June 1st, I’m going to be applying a budget, planning meals, and putting some sort of chore routine into place.

Pray for us, for me. Seriously. This is soooooo NOT my strong suit, by any stretch of the imagination.

Because any sort of meal planning/grocery buying programs I’ve seen are geared to the US market, I’m flying blind in many ways. We don’t coupon here in Canada. Just doesn’t exist. Every now and then, some stores will offer a coupon  or three, but it’s pretty rare, and certainly not the sort of thing that seems to exist in the States.

Add in the issue that when there *are* coupons, it tends to be for stuff that we don’t buy at all, and yeah, it’s not at all a budget help.

So. In the interest of helping fellow Canadians that might be reading, and other big families out there, I’ll be keeping an updated record of what’s going on Chez Non Stepford house. Successes and failures. Yanno, a real family making an attempt to make some real changes.

It may get ugly.

Change is never without struggle, at least here. 

It’ll be worth it, though.

Assuming we all survive.

What’s your favourite tips or tricks for budgeting, meal planning, or housekeeping? Share in the comments!

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Budgeting? Meal Planning? Housekeeping? — 9 Comments

  1. *snickers* Mom, I think this is your funniest blog post yet. And I'mma go hide so you can't shave me bald or something.

    Imp's Diva.

  2. I refuse to touch anything that is slimy, smelly, and resembles boogers. Someone will lose something.

    So, about that katana…?

    Imp's D.

  3. Pffft…you already touch your siblings, have fed baby food, AND changed diapers. That ship done sailed.

    And no, you may not have a Katana.

    Or a pony.

    Or a cell phone.

  4. We use Plan To Eat. http://www.plantoeat.com/ref/b6fdc3d695
    I'm shit at housekeeping, and I'm just as bad with a budget, but meal planning? I can do meal planning. I like P2E because it will also let you link with your friends so you can share recipes (gluten free recipe swap, anyone?!?), and you can plan as much or little as you want. I've been using it about nine months now, and still use it as often as I did when we first got it. You can make your own grocery lists! I think there's a “by store” functionality, but I've never used it. It has been SO INTENSELY HELPFUL. I don't have to make lists anymore!! I don't forget that one obscure part of my meatball recipe! OMG, it's been wonderful. ^_^

  5. I had someone suggest that on the FB page, and I'm going to try it out. They have a 30 day free trial, so it'll def be on the posts to come!

    GF recipe swap?! ME ME ME MEEEEEE!

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