Budgeting, Meal Planning, Homemaking Week 6

Budgeting, meal planning, homemaking

Budgeting, meal planning, and homemaking. When I started this series, I didn’t anticipate continuing the series much beyond the initial challenge month. Probably because I figured that I’d have it pretty much nailed by then.

Silly, silly me.


Restricting our spending, vs just tracking it, has failed this week. For one thing, we did our monthly grocery shop this week. When it comes to that, the budget gets thrown out the window. As much as I do go through flyers, etc (see Frugal Friday for details) we still need what we need as a family. Diapers can’t always wait for a sale, for example. So, while I saved close to $200, between 10% off groceries, and another $0.20 a litre in gas, it was still more than I’d planned on. Part of it is the cost of gas. Driving a half hour into the nearest shopping area, is far cheaper than hitting the local grocery store, by far, but at the same time, there’s a certain…pressure…to get it all done, so you’re not spending more gas than you need to. Add in Tazzie needing sandals, Diva’s bike needing repairs (cheaper to repair than replace) and the budget went up in flames. To the point of needing to dip into savings to cover car insurance this week. Completely squicks me out, having to transfer out of savings, instead of *in*. *shudder*

Meal Planning

Honestly, this is the one area that’s really gone well. Probably the best overall, to date. Plan to Eat has been really easy to use, even if I do modify it when needed, by swapping out one night’s meals for another. If it wasn’t for the distance to the grocery store, coupled with the once a month discount, I’d switch to meal planning by week, rather than by month, and base things directly off the sales flyers. Unfortunately, I think that the price of gas would likely negate the difference in savings, however. I may need to try it next month, and see which actually works better. Frozen watermelon pops wereย the biggest hit of the week.


My nemesis. A foot injury has kept me from doing a heck of a lot this week, since going up and down stairs was not possible for a few days. A glass smashed, a piece ricocheted, and took a sizeable part of the top of my foot with it. Delightful. so, I’ve been pretty much hobbled this week, because being one-armed wasn’t quite enough of a challenge, I needed to be one footed too ๐Ÿ˜›


Well, other than healing the foot, goals for next week is to lock down the budget, HARD. Some things can’t be avoided. Gas for the truck, milk, bread, (it’s been waaaaay too hot to make bread lately. By the time it’s done rising, the cool part of the day is over.) Fruit and veggies. But, other than that, spending is going to be a ‘no’. As long as Wolf agrees, of course. Actually, that would be a pretty good overall plan, I think. No spend weeks, alternating. Hmmm. Food for thought.


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Budgeting, Meal Planning, Homemaking Week 6 — 10 Comments

  1. One-footed now too?! You have reached your injury quota young miss! Wolf needs to lock you in your room (with a book of course) to prevent you from harming yourself further. Lol, I know. Wishful thinking. Feel better soon chickie ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Honestly, we’ve lived farther out of town before. We do have grocery stores in our area, where we are, but by driving the half hour, prices drop dramatically. Plus, there aren’t any ‘big’ stores where we’re at, like Walmart, etc. That’s all a half hr away. So, by making it a once a week, or even once every other wk trip, it cuts down on gas. Wolf works about 10 mins from town, so if something comes up, we plan for him to make the trip after work, when we can.

      Plus, we treat grocery shopping as ‘Date Night’.

      There are some great things about where we are. Swimming lessons just a few blocks away, gymnastics, etc. Library. Dr. Loads of stuff to do, just not economical shopping opportunities. As much as I prefer to support locally owned businesses, my wallet cries at the price difference. And, you simply can’t get everything you need (ie no shoe store).

      We’ve always wanted to live on an acreage, so accepting a long commute was always a part of that plan. Haven’t managed the acreage yet, but at least we’re out of the large city.

  2. Love that grocery shopping is also “date night”! We used to do that when our brood of kids was small. Thanks for sharing and hope your foot heals well.

  3. It will never happen perfectly. Just keep reminding yourself that what you are doing keeps you aware enough of your spending that weeks like this don’t hit as hard as they would if you weren’t. Although, a hit to an already tight budget is still like the ‘shot heard ’round the world’! You are doing GREAT! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it up!

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