Best. Mother’s Day. Ever.

Diva completely blew my mind.

Diva completely blew my mind.

Yes, yes, I know, Mother’s Day isn’t until Sunday, but Diva gave me her gift yesterday.

It seems, that back in November, just after her birthday, Diva emailed American Country Countdown, the show hosted by Kix Brooks. (Yes, we’re Canadian, and yes we listen to New Country music, along with 80s pop, rock, etc.)

She submitted to, “Kiddie Hero of the Week”.

You can find the edited version of her email here.

This was the original:

Hi Kix!

I’d like to nominate my mother, because she truly is the most amazing person out there, as far as I’m concerned. About six years ago, my mother was permanently injured at work, and she lost most of the usage in her right arm. It’s a nerve issue, so if someone even touches her, it hurts her a lot. Things like stress, standing on her feet too long, dampness in the air (like after snow melting or rain) also affects her pain levels – keep in mind that the injury hurts constantly already, this just makes her hurt more.

But in spite of all this, you know how many siblings I have? I am second of six, and my two baby brothers were born after the fact. That’s a lot of work for a person with two arms to handle! Did you know that she also home-schools all of us? Except for my older brother, he’s in the Armed Forces. And the babies!

My birthday was just this past week, and it was cold, raining, just an all-around dreary day, which adds on to my mom’s pain. In spite of that, she took me downtown, where we shopped and just had a great time for four hours, out in this weather that, as I said earlier, hurts her tremendously. She didn’t even say anything about it the entire time, it was only when I asked her about it that she told me that she was in pain.

If you want to learn more about our life, you can check out her blog (yep, she’s an avid blogger too.) She’s at where she blogs about our insane life with five kids in the house.

Thank you so much for your time, I really hope you like this! My mom is honestly the strongest, most amazing person I’ve ever met, and I’m so honored to be her daughter! She puts up with a lot, just for her children’s wants. Not just needs, but what we want, and that is just incredible to me. I absolutely adore her, and I hope you can see why.

Thank you so much!

Folks, I had no clue she’d emailed. At all. She never said a word, and, she tells me, that since they didn’t respond to her, she figured that nothing had happened with her email.

There was a lot of hugging, and crying, and some more hugging.

It’s not that she wrote to a radio show that matters to me.

It’s what she had to say, period.

I worry a lot. I worry about the mother I am, vs the mother I picture in my head I should be. I worry about how much the kids have lost, when I became disabled. Especially Diva, because she’s the only one that remembers me before. I struggle with the fear of screwing my kids up, because I know the mistakes I’ve made in the past, and how bitterly I regret things, both done and undone. I see my flaws, my mistakes, and pray that I’m not completely screwing up this whole parenting gig. I know my kids are having better childhoods than Wolf or I did, but I worry that it’s not good enough.

Diva and I butt heads from time to time, as is pretty typical in the teen years. I have rules I enforce, and she’s convinced that I’m just out to make her miserable. (Ha! I have a husband for that!)

Hearing, from her, that she’s proud to be my daughter?

Priceless. Absolutely priceless. I am so humbled, and blessed, and grateful to know that she’s glad to have me as her mother.

I posted on the blog’s Facebook wall when this happened, and some folks congratulated me on being a good mom.

That’s not it. Diva’s not to my parenting credit. She’s to her own credit. She is who she is, and I’m just lucky enough to be the one who gets to be a part of her growing up.

Best. Mother’s Day. Ever.


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Best. Mother’s Day. Ever. — 4 Comments

  1. What an incredible post. Love your blog title, too – and so glad I clicked through your link to your favorite post. Kids are incredible and your little one (or not so little from the sounds of it?) Rocks. Great job and role modeling!

    • It was seriously wonderful. I’d told my family that there was nothing I wanted them to get me, just some sleep, no cooking, etc.

      Diva proved me wrong, and gave me something that my heart needed.

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