Arming A Toddler

Boo, already having played in sand, water, and mud, mastering the water gun.

Boo, already having played in sand, water, and mud, mastering the water gun.

I suspect that this may not be the most brilliant idea Wolf’s ever had.

Arming Boo.

With a gigantic squirt gun, that has an extra ‘clip’ or reservoir for water.

The darn thing is almost as big as Boo is.

See, around here, Wolf and the kids take their water fights pretty dang seriously. It can go on for hours. We have enough water guns in the house to form our own militia, of the water war variety. Add in a bucket or three of water balloons, and it makes for an interesting summer. One of them is constantly ambushing the others, and off they go.

Occasionally, I grab the hose, but due to RSD and being extremely temperature sensitive, I’m relegated to the house more often than not, and heard to yell, “Out of the house! No water fights in the house!” and giving instructions about mopping the floors.

Teaching Boo how to pump the water gun to make it work, however, was completely Wolf’s idea.

“Just think,” he mused, an evil gleam in his eye, “Tazzie won’t think anything of it when Boo picks up the squirt gun, until he gets nailed by his baby brother…”

Personally, I was too busy giggling to myself as Boo started aiming closer and closer to Wolf, when he wasn’t looking. Wolf caught on, however, and adjusted his aim at Bazinga the Wonder Dog. Bazinga, as I’ve mentioned earlier, enjoys getting squirted, be it by the hose or water gun.

I have my doubts about arming Boo. He already knows how to turn the outside tap on, and aim the hose. Was a water gun really needed? His maniacal little giggles are an ominious sound, heralding a permanent shift in the power structure of the water war dominance. After all, Boo is little, and can’t take much soaking before it’s too much and he’ll end up crying. I mean, he is only a toddler. So, whoever has Boo on their side has a weapon that can’t be disarmed.

Tazzie just ran in the house, yodelling, “Yaaaaah! He just soaked me!” and ran back out.

I’m locking the doors to keep all the water warfare outside, where it belongs.

And with that, let the games begin…

PS: sure enough, Wolf carted in a pouting Boo, reassuring him, “Hey Buddy! We won! We won!” Boo, never one to turn down a win, scampered happily for the tub. I had my doubts about the ‘win’, but wasn’t going to say anything.

Then Tazzie showed up at the back door.

‘Drenched’ doesn’t quite cover it. ‘Providing his own personal waterfall with every move he made.’ was more like it. I didn’t know a kid’s clothes could hold that much water. And I’m not new around here.

We’re gonna need more towels. And mops.

Boo definitely won.

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Arming A Toddler — 5 Comments

  1. The bright side is it’s just water. The day Tazzie and Boo discover other fluids will also work in squirt guns will be an interesting day indeed. On the bright side I bet Wolf already knows that the combination of a squirt gun, rubbing alcohol, and a lighter isn’t nearly as cool as it sounds.

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