Almost Wordless Wednesday

It’s still before midnight here, so I’m going to call this an ‘almost’ Wordless Wednesday.

Because…they were speaking to me.

I heard them.

 Come out and play, Imp. We won’t hurt you. We proooooomiiiisssse.


Forget about that scene from Die Hard 2. We’re just innocently hanging around.

We only look long, sharp, and pointy.

We’re really just sweet, innocent, frozen H2O.

You’re not scared of us, are you, Impy? C’mon out and plaaaaaaaaay.

Yeah. I’m staying in til Spring. Or at least, not leaving the house without a helmet.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. *bursts into tears*
    Actually, since I'm Canadian, Celcius is what I'm familiar with, but just as glad you didn't, LOL

    (Easier to pretend it away w/out accurate info 😛 )

    Thanks for stopping by!

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