Cast Members (Who Are These People?)

Melissa, aka ‘Imp’: Wife to Wolf, homeschooling Mom to the Minions still at home. Also known as ‘the One Armed Wonder’, due to developing RSD in her dominant hand/arm, all in the frozen tundra, aka Canada. When not bouncing from one bit of chaos to another, she spends her time not only writing here on the blog, but attempting to convince other innocent editors to publish her work. So far, Huffington Post (as a blogger), Scary Mommy,  xoJane and BuzzFeed amongst others have been conned into thinking she knows what she’s doing with this whole writing thing. (Check out the Want More Imp page for a full list)

Wolf: long suffering husband of Imp. Daddy Man extraordinaire to the Minions.

Diva: Eldest Minion at home (16). Teenager. Secret dancer of The Twist. Funny as heck, and growing into an incredible young woman.

Tazzie: Next eldest (10). Nicknamed for the Tasmanian Devil, of cartoon fame. Busy, busy, busy, loud, and an eating machine. Aka, a pretty normal boy.

Princess: (8), as royal as her nickname implies, but still more than willing to take down Tazzie if the need arises.

Boo: (3) aka Terror Toddler: Finding new and inventive ways to cause chaos in the Non Stepford Home.  Just because he’s not the first two year old in the house doesn’t mean it’s all been done before, as he proves on an almost daily basis.

Cubby: (1) Newest Minion on the block, and other members of the household suspect that he’ll make Terror Toddler seem calm.

Bazinga: aka ‘Bazinga the Wonder Dog’. Our Dogue de Bordeaux, aka Turner and Hootch dog. Lovable, perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but good natured, laid back, and puts up with all the chaos and rampaging that happens around here.

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