A Day To Mourn

A friend I’ve known for almost a decade is saying her final good bye to her 17 year old son today.

He was killed in a single vehicle accident on Saturday.

This should never happen. No parent should bury their child. His mother should be planning college, not a funeral.

He leaves behind a brother, and four sisters.

Friends of the family are trying to help out with funeral costs. But they can’t do it alone.

If you can donate, every little bit helps. $5 from you is more than they had raised before your $5.

If you can’t donate (and believe me, we’ve all been there) please spread the word about Zac’s Heart. ┬áPin it, Tweet it (using the hashtag #makeadifference), Facebook it.

The more people that hear of this tragedy, the better the chances we have of raising money to help out his family.

When someone dies, especially a child, people talk about how helpless they feel.

This is your chance to help a family through an unimaginable nightmare. One that tears at the heart of every parent, that makes us clutch our children tighter, trying to deny that such a thing could ever happen to us, while a small voice whispers how easily it could be. We’re terrified, when we hear of a child dying. If her child could die, so could mine.

And it’s true.

Please, be it by donation, or spreading the word every where you can, let people know about Zac’s Heart.

If nothing else, it tells his family that people care, that they have support, that they’re not alone.

Which is all we can do, in the face of such loss.

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