You Know It’s A Migraine When…

Even crying hurts...

Even crying hurts…

This post was originally written in Feb 2012. Having a bad RSD flare up, so thought I’d rerun it, as I’ve also had a migraine in the last week. Yippee for me!

Had the migraine from Hell yesterday.  They’re so much worse and more frequent since RSD.

While I was waiting for death, I had a list run through my head of how to tell you’re having a migraine, so I thought I’d post what I remember of it here.  Please keep in mind that this list seemed perfectly, totally rational at the time…

  1. Bizarre thoughts seem perfectly rational.
  2. When the pain starts, you’re afraid you’re going to die.
  3. As it builds, you hope you’re going to die.
  4. As it builds more, you *know* you’re going to die, and are grateful.
  5. At its peak, you’re afraid you WON’T die, but live like this forever.
  6. You consider shooting yourself in the head, despite not owning a gun, or knowing anyone that does.  The only thing that really stops you is the thought that the sound of the shot might reach you before the bullet does.
  7. Drilling a hole in your head sounds like a fantastic idea. It would release the pressure
  8. You discard drilling a hole in your skull because you don’t want the noise of the drill that close to you.
  9. It occurs to you that if you sneeze, you’ll either go off the charts for pain, or your head will simply explode.  You’re not sure if you should hope to sneeze or not.
  10. Wearing sunglasses to help w/photosensitivity doesn’t work, b/c the pressure of the glasses on your nose makes you feel like you’re being stabbed w/a dinner fork or that your nose is breaking.
  11. You hear someone chanting, “Kill me…kill me…kill me” and realize it’s you.
  12. You hurt from your upper jaw all the way up your face.
  13. Breathing through your nose hurts.
  14. The sound of your own breathing is like a jet engine in bed beside you.
  15. It feels like your thoughts are being etched on the inside of your skull.
  16. You’re not sure where to grab…your eyes, top of your head, back of your skull…it all hurts so much.
  17. You find yourself waiting for a popping sound…of your neck breaking, b/c it feels like there are weights piled on top of your skull, and sooner or later your neck is going to give out.
  18. You feel something trickle down your cheek…you’re not sure if it’s a tear, or your eyeball leaking, so you’re afraid to wipe it away…then it occurs to you that if it is your eyeball leaking, it would release some pressure, and that would be good.
  19. You’re afraid to cry, b/c the tears hitting the pillow would sound like a nail gun.

If any of this sounds familiar, you have my heartfelt empathy.

Are there any you’d add to the list?

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You Know It’s A Migraine When… — 9 Comments

  1. I love this list! It is true that the irrational thoughts we think while suffering a migraine are not just unique to us!

    There are some days that I know I will have a horrific migraine due to the trigger foods that I chose to eat. Those are the days that your above thoughts can come into play for me!

    With four boys and a husband, peace and quiet during a bad migraine spell is difficult to come by…even in my room I hear it ALL.

    Thank you for your post!

    P.S. Stopping by from BYB in 100 Days Challenge

  2. Thanks for the response, Adrienne!

    Quiet is a scarce commodity here too! 5 kids…a teen girl, son 9, girl 7, son 2, son 8 months, and then a 130 lb dog. And a husband.

    And what's worse, is forget ear plugs. I tried once. And only once. Oy.

  3. I don’t get headaches very often but I have had a few that made me wonder if slamming my head against the wall would hurt less than the pain I was feeling.

    Amazing how disorienting some of those can be.

  4. I’ve never had a migraine but sounds awful and you have my total sympathy. I’m sure you’ve been told about staying away from red wine, chocolate, etc. A friend of mine had them real bad and that’s what she was told. So sorry.

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