Writing Could Be Dangerous?!

We were discussing blogging when I mentioned that there were a few bloggers I’ve met online that are able to make a decent income at it. And, as per usual, no normal conversation can possibly happen at the Non Stepford House.

And here I thought writing was a SAFE profession...

And here I thought writing was a SAFE profession…

Diva: Dang. I need to get into the blogging business!
Imp: Me too!
Wolf: Yeah, it’d be nice to get a place where we can just lock Mom in a room and let her write.
Imp: See, this is what I’m afraid of! If I ever get good at this blogging thing, Dad will lock me in our room and make me write!
Wolf: Well… I’d let you out to eat
Imp: No, more like you’d let me out to make you food!
Diva: Hey, I cook! I cook supper all the time!
Imp: Yeah, but eventually, you’d go on strike and then Dad would be like “Well, I don’t wanna cook. BRING OUT THE WIFE! RELEASE THE WIFE!”
Diva: *laughing*
Wolf: *smirking*
Imp: See! He’s not even denying it!!
Diva: Yeah, we’d just have to shove you back in after you’re done…
Imp: That’s what I’m saying! He’d do the lion tamer thing, with a tinsel garland from the Christmas box and a chair! “Back, back, you foul beast!” *miming* I get the feeling Bazinga wouldn’t be the only one on a chain!
Wolf: Well, you’d be okay with a computer! …And a fridge!
Imp: What about if I have to pee?!
Diva: We’d give you a can.
Imp: *does the icky icky poo poo dance* You people are gross!
Wolf: Well, we can’t make Bazinga write…
Imp: *stares at Wolf*

So, basically, my husband admits that he’d like to lock me in a room, chain me to a desk, so that I can write for a living. Like…in Stephen King’s Misery. I never thought writing could be dangerous to my health. I mean, I know it makes Wolf nervous now and then, especially when I plot murders out loud, but some how I never thought it could be hazardous to me.

Hmmm. Is this his way of showing support?

And can I hold out for an en suite in the room?

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Writing Could Be Dangerous?! — 14 Comments

  1. Wolf is supporting your writing. I’m sure he’s even thinking of historical examples. Christopher Smart was in prison when he wrote “For I will consider my cat Jeoffry”. Sure, he was certifiably insane at the time. And the Marquis de Sade was in the Bastille when he wrote…okay, maybe these aren’t the best examples.

    The problem with being locked up is you just might end up writing five hundred pages of “All work and no play makes The Imp a dull girl.”

    You need to be able to get out and about to get ideas. Wolf and Diva are part of your creative team. They’re like editors feeding you ideas. And let Wolf cook sometimes. If he’s a good cook that’s something to write about. And if he’s a terrible cook that could be a whole series!

    • The only thing the man can make is based off of boxed mac and cheese. Seriously. Oh. And oatmeal. And fried eggs. I can’t AFFORD for him to cook, b/c we all need to eat.

      But, he does laundry, floors, and Minion wrangling. So, I really can’t complain. I *could* but that would make me an ungrateful jerk 😛

  2. I have made a few bucks from blogging but I am very skeptical about the number of people who claim they are making ‘real’ money.

    Right now I cover my expenses and maybe get enough for a cup of coffee or two.

  3. Maybe I’m a complete weirdo, but I think I’d be first in line to be locked away so that I could write! In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve asked for that very thing! Finding time to squeeze in creative pursuits is hard!

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