Witnessing Karma

A note from Imp:

Hey folks!

Yes, I’ve been gone for a while. We’re all ok, everyone’s healthy, and nothing’s burned down. Although, given the forest fires in my province, and smoke so bad here it looked foggy, I did wonder for a while.

I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed with life. The move is ON, and the spectre of taking toddlers on a bus, then a plane, was enough to make me crawl into my closet and refuse to come out. I didn’t, at least not physically. Mentally, however…

And, I’ll be honest. Sometimes it’s hard, balancing writing with everything else. I needed to take a bit of a break, to figure out what I’m doing, and how best to do it.

Still haven’t figured out the ‘best way to do it’ part, but I’m back.

So. Today’s post…Witnessing Karma

Pee and mud, folks. Who knew they'd be karma's tools?

Pee and mud, folks. Who knew they’d be karma’s tools?

I’ve heard of karma, I think pretty much everyone has. Every now and then, though, I witness such a clear karmic happening, that you just can’t deny it.

Yesterday was one of those times. Actually, TWO of those times.

Poor Tazzie.

It started when Tazzie was potty training, and spent a lot of time running around the house naked. Diva had been teasing him, and apparently ticked him off. Badly.

He carefully stood back out of arm’s reach, arced his hips…and peed right down her leg.

Frankly, it was the first time I’d ever seen the term, ‘pissed off’ in action.

Diva was howling with indignation, and I had to utter the words, “We don’t pee on our sister, Tazzie!” before rushing off to my room to howl with laughter into my pillow. I gave myself serious parenting points for not dissolving right in front of Diva, and adding insult to injury.

Well, yesterday, karma got Tazzie back.

Cubby decided to pull down his diaper just enough to pee over the top. On Tazzie’s foot. Much howling was heard.

“That’s disgusting! He PEED ON MY FOOT!”

“Yeah, but at least he wasn’t mad at you…”

The second event was one of those moments that makes a Mom smile an evil smile.

See, yesterday was Bidding for Chores.

Yes, I took inspiration from the book, “Cheaper By The Dozen” I offer the kids a chance to earn money by bidding on chores. I tell them the highest I’m willing to pay, and then the three of them submit bids. Sometimes it takes a few rounds, since they all seem to pick the same bid a few times, but the end result is, extra chores get done, they make money, and everyone wins.

Yesterday, Tazzie won the bid for the bathroom. He stopped to have lunch, and then got back to his chores, only to emerge, yelling.


Is there a parent on the planet that hasn’t yelled those words?

Hearing it emerge from Tazzie, the one most likely to track mud all over a clean floor, I won’t lie, I laughed.

(It was Wolf, by the way, which I think is a double dose of karma)

And here I thought I’d have to wait for grandchildren for some of this karma to kick in.

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