Unsocialized Homeschoolers

We’re unsocialized homeschoolers! YAY US!

There’s a new park opening just down the block. Flyer said from 12-3 pm. Well, turns out the 1st hr kids aren’t allowed on the structure, everyones supposed to stand around and listen to politicians pat themselves on the back, remind everyone (repeatedly!) that there’s an election coming up, and tell ppl they HAVE to spend their $ supporting the business that contributed to the park. I’m honestly not sure if these folks have no concept of subtlety or what, but eeesh, what nimrods.

The one politician complained that a pic was taken of him digging a hole and his face wasn’t visible.

Another announced that he was so sick, he could barely stand…which, instead of impressing me w/his noble dedication made me think, “Great. So you come here, w/loads of ppl and kids, to spread your germies. Lovely.”

So, like the unsocialized hs’ers we are…we left. Buh bye. Since kids are being chased off the play structure until the politicians get their photo op, we’ll go back when all that beating of chests and patting of backs is done.

And, as I pointed out to Princess and Tazzie…they can go tomorrow while everyone else is stuck in a classroom, and have the whole park to themselves.

(And there’s the other thing…who the HECK opens a playground Labour Day?! Wouldn’t it have made far more sense to have this done BEFORE school let out, so kids could play on it all summer? Ah, politicians.)

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