The Chip Method, Or How I Homeschool Without Whining

School has started back today.

Christmas break is officially over.

The Littles have buckled down, working hard at the kitchen table.  Princess is already completed her math and writing.  Tazzie is working on his math, and when he’s done, they’ll be doing some phonics work together, followed by his writing excercises, then reading.

Not a word of complaint out of them.

Now, before anyone accuses me of brain washing, having aliens come down and fry their little minds, or simply having freaky little kids, let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth.

Truth of it is, I figured out their currency, and have gotten back to implementing a strategy that’s worked well in the past.

It’s what I call The Chip Method.

See, my kids, Tazzie especially, are electronics junkies.  Be it TV, Wii, or computer, it makes their world go ’round.  Add in music for Diva.

So, I bought a package of poker chips.  And announced that there will be NO electronics at all unless chips are earned via school work, or chores…and nothing can be earned via chores until school work is completed.

White chips are worth five minutes.
Red chips are worth ten minutes.
Blue chips are worth fifteen minutes.

It works amazingly well!

They also get chips for quiet time.

I don’t know if some would consider it bribery, but it allows me to limit their electronic addiction, and reward their completion of work, with no fussing involved, no begging or bugging for electronics.

And poker chips cost me a whopping $1 at the Dollar Store.

Win win!

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