Dr. Laura Is Wrong

  Recently, across my news feed, there was a cartoon from Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s Facebook page, with the caption, “The Mother and Daughter in law can¬†never be equal, nor should they strive to be”. Dr. Laura went on to say … Continue reading

Hands Off The Sweat Pants, Eva Mendes

What the heck is it this week? Has everyone that has the attention of the media all lost their ever lovin’ minds? Tuesday, it was Kim Kardashian talking about baby making sessions fifteen times a day. Last night, I was … Continue reading

Give It A Rest, Kim Kardashian

Lately, my window to the world, aka Wolf, has been filling me in on Kim Kardashian news. I’m considering duct taping his head shut. First, there was the news that her husband, What’s-His-Face, plastered nude pics of her on Twitter, … Continue reading

Failure To Communicate

Captain, Road Crew 36: “What we have here…is a failure to communicate” –¬†Cool Hand Luke I’ve come to realize, that when it comes to extended family issues, so many times it comes down to communication breakdown. A failure to communicate…at … Continue reading