Arming A Toddler

I suspect that this may not be the most brilliant idea Wolf’s ever had. Arming Boo. With a gigantic squirt gun, that has an extra ‘clip’ or reservoir for water. The darn thing is almost as big as Boo is. … Continue reading

Don’t Be A Jerk Commenter

Here at Not A Stepford Life, I try to better the world, one post at a time. Or something like that. Sounds good, anyways. The excitement of the Scary Mommy article hit a new high for me, when Wolf woke me up … Continue reading

Parenting Survival Tips

With five kids at home, I’ve been asked about how we manage, being so outnumbered. Honestly, the same way you do when there’s only one child, but with a lot more frequency, possibly some extra creativity, and a lot more … Continue reading

Royal Crotch Watch

The world held it’s breath last night, (or early this morning, depending on where you live) as the word spread that the Duchess of Cambridge had been admitted into the hospital in early labour. Congrats goes to William and Kate, … Continue reading