Catapults And Green Beans

It’s been quite the weekend at the Non Stepford home. First, still wrapping my head around the news about Bazinga the Wonder Dog. You can read what happened on Thursday here and here. … Continue reading

It’s All Bloggess’ Fault

Being a devoted fangirl (well, as devoted as I can be, considering the one-armed, homeschooling, raising five Minions gig I’ve got going on) of the one, the ONLY, The Bloggess, I was reading at her site today. Only to discover … Continue reading

Back In The Cone Again

Yes, I totally said that in Aerosmith’s, “Back In The Saddle Again” tune. Back in the cone again…. Bazinga, the Wonder Dog, is indeed back in the cone again. The Cone of Shame. And honestly? It’s a Christmas Miracle that … Continue reading