Scenes From Our House III

Diva is at that teen stage where any affection seen btwn Wolf and I is ‘gross’.  Unfortunately for poor Diva, Wolf and I are openly affectionate w/each other, and her teen angst hasn’t had an impact.  If anything, it encourages us to be even more demonstrative…possibly in retaliation for the eye rolling, mouthy attitude that seems to be a daily event around here.

Wolf’s heading to the store, and he and I are goofing around…hug, kiss, and some drama…Wrapping my leg around him, “Don’t go!  I loooooooooooooove you!  I’ll miiiiiiiisss you!  I can’t breathe without yooooooooooooou!”

Diva starts gagging.  Then asks, “Why can’t you hate each other like normal parents?  Normal parents get divorced, and you guys are all lovey dovey and stuff!”

Wolf tells her, “You’re stuck with parents who are going to stay together.  You guys outnumber us.  We couldn’t survive you guys on our own, either one of us. Staying married to each other is our only hope of survival.”

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