Scenes From Our House I

Scenes From Our House will be an ongoing feature of the blog.  Essentially, small snap shots of the chaos and all around insanity that happens when you’re living Not A Stepford Life.
Tazzie was watching me take care of Boo, and announced, very seriously, “God should make babies able to talk when they’re born.  They could be born and say, ‘TA DAAAA!'”

Reading the Littles a bedtime story tonight.  I was sitting on Tazzie’s bed, with Princess on one side, Tazzie on the other…and Wolf was reclining on Princess’ bed.

Just as I finished the story, Wolf…’passed gas’.

Poor Princess started crying…”Daddy stunk up my beeeeeeeeed!”

A hug and some Febreeze later, and all was well once again in Princess’ world.

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