Scary Mommy Booty!

OK, just to clarify off the top, when I say, “Scary Mommy Booty” I’m using the term, ‘booty’ in the pirates way, of “Arrr! Me treasure!” and not ‘booty’ as in, ‘my luscious, cheesecake enhanced, posterior’

So. Moving on.

I participated last week in the first ever Scary Mommy twitter party. The author/owner of Scary Mommy, Jill Smokler, has just released a new book, ‘Scary Mommy’s Guide To Surviving The Holidays‘ with a whole whack of contributing authors. No, I’m not one of them, but I’ve given Ms. Smokler fair warning that it’s now a future goal of mine.

I suspect she may be building an Imp-proof bunker as I type.

Lucky for her, I’m far too broke, too lazy, and have too many kids to ever be a stalker.


Not only did I get to tweet with a bunch of great women, but I also managed to win the prize pack! Woooo hooooo!

Cookies, *and* a $50 Visa card! SCORE!

Cookies, *and* a $50 Visa card! SCORE!

Wolf took one look at the cookies, and asked if they were fridge magnets.

I gave him a huffy sigh and the Glare O’Death, and informed them they were COOKIES, not magnets.

“Are you sure? Can you use them as magnets?”

Pffft. The man has no couth. They’re yummy cookies, dang it. And he’s not getting a single one of them.

‘Season of loving and sharing’.┬áMy luscious posterior it is. Not when it comes to cookies that he’s unable to appreciate properly.

Plus, I’m outta cheesecake.


PS – yes, I do use the term ‘luscious posterior’, because it sounds far better than ‘lard butt’.

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