Proud Of Fellow Canadians

Ok, normally I write about the Clan, as Wolf tends to refer to us as.

But, today I happened across a couple of news stories from the Olympics that I thought were worth sharing.

No, it’s not about how many medals we’ve won. Honestly, while Wolf has been following, I really haven’t. I’ll catch a bit here and there, but when Terror Toddler is addicted to Mike The Knight and Toopy and Binoo, and then you’ve got the other kids wanting their screen time, I tend to either be online or curled up with a book, rather than enter the fray for the tv.


The first story I came across was about Justin Wadsworth, our cross country ski coach. For those not interested in reading the full story, he ran down the track to help the Russian skier who was dragging a broken ski to the finish line. Without saying a word, he switched out the broken ski for an extra that he’d brought with him for one of Canada’s skiers.

To me, that’s the epitome of what they Olympics are supposed to be about. Sportsmanship. 

Story is here


A friend posted about Alexandre Bilodeau. Won gold in moguls. That’s not what impressed me.

What caught my attention was reading that for the second time (he won in 2010 as well) he went and got his brother, Frederic, to share in the moment with him. Frederic has Cerebral Palsy, and has now become wheelchair bound.


Folks, that’s a champion. Not the hardware around his neck, but the heart he has.

Generally speaking, I avoid the news like the plague. All the horrors humanity can possibly think of to visit upon one another, playing across the screen for an hour.

But, every now and then, a story like these two comes along, and it’s a ray of light breaking through the darkness, and it gives me hope. Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem to be most days.

God bless these two men. By simply doing what they believe to be right and true, they’ve brought honour and dignity to themselves, their sport, their country, their fellow man.


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Proud Of Fellow Canadians — 2 Comments

  1. Those are the stories that make me proud to be Canadian! You're right – that's what it's really about. Although, anytime they show the face of a proud parent while their child is getting a metal I burst into tears 😉 Thanks for sharing these great little golden glimpses of the good in humanity!

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