Preparing For Goodbye

I had intended to write something funny for today.

Instead, I find myself simply unable.

We’ve had to make the hard choice to say goodbye to Bazinga the Wonder Dog.

In talking to our vet, going over the x-rays again, there’s simply no other option.

We’ve switched pain meds, since the first ones weren’t doing the job.

These ones aren’t quite cutting it either.

Keeping her going, only to have her pain levels increase, is just wrong.

She deserves better than that.

It’s breaking all of our hearts, but we know that, for her, it’s the best decision.

And it sucks.

And it hurts.

And we don’t want to say goodbye.

But we will do the right thing, put what is best for her ahead of our misery at the thought of being without her, and say goodbye.

Next Saturday.

To give the children, and ourselves, time to say goodbye, to treasure these last days.

She's Just Not Right

Our hearts are breaking

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Preparing For Goodbye — 29 Comments

    • We’re going to do our best, and spoil the hell out of her.

      Given that she’s already darn spoiled, I’m not quite sure what more spoiling is going to look like, but I know steak is on the menu for her last day

  1. Oh no Bazinga

    I’ll be praying for y’all, thank you for doing the adulting thing. It shows how much you truly love Bazinga.

  2. saying goodbye to a friend hurts, a lot. We had to do it last year. But I hope for you all the wonderful memories of Bazinga will help you through the hardest times…take care and hug from Holland.

  3. We did the same for our pug almost two years ago and I still miss him. They become a part of your life, your family, but you are doing the right thing…pain is awful for them. I am truly sorry though and will be thinking of you and your family!

  4. Bazinga is one lucky dog to have you all for a family. I’m so sorry for the pain you are experiencing. It just plain sucks. But I guess this pain is necessary to keep Bazinga from suffering even more. Such a brave and giving thing you are doing. Try to hang in there.

    • We’re going to hurt at her loss…be it a week from Saturday, or a month.

      The only thing that we do have a choice in is how much pain Bazinga has before we let her go, for how long.

      At this point, a week from this Saturday seems like enough (if there is such a thing) time to say goodbye, assuming we can keep her decently comfortable that long. If the pain meds start losing effectiveness, we’ll have to adjust the timeline. But for right now, that’s our goal.

  5. My heart hurts for your family. Been there, done that. Several times in my 60+ years. Doesn’t make it any easier. Everyone handles it in their own way. I have to be careful of depression. So I have to stay busy. I do this by getting a puppy that has been taken from it’s mama and needs a lot of love and training. I never ‘replace’ a dog. And all of my little female dogs have had ‘Kay’ in some part of their name. That was my dog I had when I was a child and had until after I had two of my three children. Each of my dogs have taken a piece of my heart with them. My heart will be whole again when we all meet at the Rainbow Bridge.
    I do know you have to be careful with children when this needs to be done. They need to know that what you are doing has nothing to do with them if they get sick or have a body part that doesn’t work right anymore. I told mine how old my Kay was in ‘dog years'(91) and that the vet could not give her enough medicine for her not to hurt and how very tired she was. She would look at me with those eyes that seemed to ask for help. They still had their own problems with it. By getting another puppy, it also kept them busy. And I told them that Kay would want us to be happy and to share our love with a puppy that needed our love.
    It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Yet, I would not have wanted to miss the love and companionship she (and the other pets that came after her) & I gave each other.
    Will keep y’all (yes, I’m southern) in my prayers.

    • We know that, for us, getting another dog any time soon isn’t going to happen. We just need to take a break, heal. Too much hurt, anger, right now to even consider it.

  6. You’ve probably already learned this, but the saying “Time heals all wounds” is misleading. Even once healed the loss of Bazinga will leave a scar. It will never stop hurting entirely, although the pain will diminish over time. And there will come a time when you’re even glad to have that scar because it means someone very special was part of your life.

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  8. It’s really hard to say goodbye to a loved one. Watching her go through so much pain and suffering has got to be tough on the rest of the family. It’s important to remember all the good times. And like you say, cherish the time you have left and say your farewells. I’m so sorry you all have to go through it. Thoughts are with you!

  9. I’m so sorry! My pets are family, and it is so hard when you have done everything you can for them and you’ve run out of options. My dog is getting older and has severe health problems. I am dreading the day when we are in your situation. {HUGS}

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