Mind. Blown.

Went clothes shopping w/Diva today.

Now, you must understand that clothes shopping, for me, is a circle of Hell. I’m not exactly sure which circle Dante stuck it in, but I’m certain that ‘plus size clothes shopping on a budget’ is in there somewhere. And if it’s not, it darn well should be.

So, off we trudge, the entire WolfImp Clan. B/c the plus size store I like is only available in a cpl of places in our city, and none of them nearby, it means we have to all pack up and go. We split into 2 groups…Wolf, Princess, Tazzie and Boo in one, Diva, Cubby and I in the other.  Thankfully, we also had two strollers as well.

First thing, upon entering the store, is Diva gets asked how old HER baby is. And if it’s her first. Woman was stunned when informed that not only am *I* baby’s mom, but Diva’s as well. She assumed Diva was over 18, and that we were sisters. Poor Diva. I’m going to make her a shirt that says, “NOT the Mama” and have her wear that when we go out w/either of the babies.

Get Diva some jeans, and fight my way through the lightheadedness and nausea that accompanies the price tags.

Then it’s my turn. I need new bras, always a miserable experience. Ye Olde Mountain Range is never a fun thing to try and find support for. I had the manager working w/me, and at one point she dropped the F bomb in frustration, apologizing profusely. I told her it was an accomplishment, b/c normally the only person I frustrate to that point is my husband!

As it turns out, it wasn’t a problem w/big…it was a problem w/small.

I’ve dropped bra sizes (pardon the pun) hugely. As in, I can walk into ANY store and find a bra in my current size. And…I’m no longer plus sized on top.

Did you hear that? I’M NO LONGER PLUS SIZED ON TOP.

I can wear NORMAL sized clothes. Granted, the upper range of normal, but still…NOT plus sized!

Seriously, this is the first time since I was about 16 that I’ve not had to be in plus sizes for my top. My bottom has pretty much always been ok, size wise, but the top? Uh, no.

And, *ahem* did I mention that I’m only 6 wks post partum?

This means I can find a DRESS. Like, a one piece dress, instead of only being able to wear separates! And I can find strapless bras w/out having to mortgage one of the children! Oh! For the first time EVER, I can actually consider getting MATCHING lingerie!

I’m dizzy w/all the options that I’ve never had before. For the first time in forever, clothes shopping wasn’t miserable!

I bought myself 4 new tops so far, and have more shopping to do. I have a milestone birthday next Friday, and want something pretty to wear to go out for dinner w/Wolf.

I am so stinkin happy, happy, happy!!

The Problem With A Reader

We’re a family of readers, or at least trying to be. The Littles, (which really, need to be referred to as ‘The Middles’ now) aren’t quite there yet, although they love to be read to.

I’m a huge reader. So is Diva. And, I was smart/lucky enough to marry a man that also reads.

And therein lies the problem.

Wolf loves a series by a Canadian author, Donald Jack, called ‘The Bandy Papers’. He started reading them long before I came along, but only owned a couple. Made for super easy gifts, getting him the rest of the series.

Like any reader I’ve ever known, he goes back and rereads his favourite books.

The premise of the books is the lead character, Bartholomew W. Bandy becomes a fighter pilot in WWI. It’s a wonderfully written, hilarious series. I won’t get into plot details, b/c I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone who may be curious about the series, but to give you an idea, he describes an superior at one point as the man having ‘fine, childbearing hips’, and ends up chasing another superior across a meadow…Superior is on horseback, and Bandy is in his plane.

One of the books is called, “This One’s On Me”.  This is the cover of the book, on the Chapters website
This One’s On Me

As you can see, the cover has a woman in a state of undress, w/out actually *showing* anything.

However, when you have kids in the house, that’s more than enough.

Princess discovered this book, and started yelling about “Daddy has a naked lady book!” I thought we had that sorted out…

Until she thought it was a great conversation starter w/a cashier. “My Daddy reads a naked lady book!”

Trying to explain that no, it wasn’t Playboy, it was a novel by an award winning Canadian author…well, folks don’t really believe you.

(And, ftr, there is no adult scenes described in the book.)

I’m thinking about papering the cover of the novel…

I’m Baaaack!


Been a while, no?

Yes. Yes it has.

So, I’ll give you a quick update on what’s gone on in the last 15 mths or so.

Cassie, our Great Pyr x Akbash is no longer w/us. RIP, Cassie.

We have a new dog, Bazinga the Bordeaux.

We moved last winter.

I no longer have a gallbladder.

Jack the Cat is no longer w/us. RIP, Jack.

We have a kitten, Stitch.

Boo is no longer the youngest member of the clan.

Welcome Cubby, as of June, 2013.

That’s pretty much the major events, in order of happening.

Still married, still riding herd on the crew, still homeschooling, still one armed.

And now, trying to get back into blogging. Be patient w/me, and I’ll do the best I can to be a better blogger!

So, We Moved…

We’re currently swimming in dog hair.
Honestly, it’s so gross.

Our ‘mini pony’ is a Great Pyr x Akbash.

With the move south, we’ve gone from winter to spring with a single 5 hr drive.  My old city was hit w/a major snow storm since we left, and we didn’t see a single flake…Love it!

However, it means the dog is shedding like crazy.

And, of course, when I went to vaccuum, the motor started smoking.

On the upside, I’ve ordered a Dyson Animal.  I warned Wolf when we got the old vaccuum that next time, I was getting a Dyson, and that it might mean him selling a kidney, but I wasn’t getting anything less…we go through a vaccuum every few yrs, it seems.

It’s going to be a wk or so before it arrives…and at the rate we’re going, we’ll be swimming in dog hair by then.  I can’t even put Boo on the floor b/c of the hair.  Diva and Wolf sweep constantly, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  We can’t tie the dog up outside, she’ll go nuts, and ppl will complain.

Here’s hoping the Dyson arrives sooner than predicted.

I did warn Wolf that I’d been lusting for a Dyson for years now, and that he might just find me snuggled up in bed w/the Animal on his side of the bed one night…

Shopping Experience

So, made it through the shopping experience. Barely.

Found Diva a lovely dress…a bit more formal than I was thinking, but it looks wonderful on her, and still what I consider to be modest. (You wouldn’t believe the plunging necklines and barely cover yer butt dresses we saw!) Also got her a black shrug to go over, since it’s sleeveless. There was a sale, (thank heavens!) so I got both items for less than the dress originally cost.

Then I spent I don’t want to admit how much to get her a good head band (metal vs plastic…her hair is uber thick) that has rhinestones on it, since the dress also has those on the neck…and shoes.

Wolf told me he didn’t want to know what it all cost. Smart man, LOL!

I came home and died. Arm was flared up, but on top of that, I had the migraine from Hell. Ever since RSD, I get migraines far worse and more frequent than ever before.

I’m so glad I was able to keep it together until the shopping trip and lunch was done. Totally a will power thing. I was in tears on the ride home. Ick.