Rules From THAT House

Rules from THAT house

Summer is almost here, in my neck of the woods. School is almost out.

Maybe it’s because we have a lot of kids (compared to the ‘average’ family), but our house tends to be THAT house…the one all the kids gather at. Kids I’ve never even seen in the neighbourhood before tend to end up in our yard.

Honestly, I don’t mind having a yard full of kids. But, it would absolutely help if there were a few ground rules that everyone could agree on. Continue reading

Grandparent Rights? No!

grandparent rights

There are a group of people who are currently lobbying for grandparent rights. Visitation rights, specifically.

They claimed yesterday as ‘their’ day.

Flag Day, in the US, has now been co-opted by folks who have their own agenda, and frankly, it’s a frightening one. Continue reading