It’s Probably NOT Broken…

probably not broken

So. Time for another ‘Impism’. As I mentioned in Scrambled Brains, and Held Hostage By Deer, an ‘Impism’ is something that could only happen to me.

I had a good night. Went to bed, and slept through the night. Wolf camped out on the couch, just in case one of the Terror Toddlers woke up, but they slept through as well! Wooo hoo!

Today was going to be a good day! Continue reading

Holy Changes, Batman!

So, we’ve been in our new time zone for just over two weeks. I know, I know, I was supposed to do a post on ‘Survival Parenting’ the day after my last post, but I gotta be honest, folks: Changes are hard, damn it. EvenĀ good changes, the way these are. It knocks even the most grounded person off their feet for a while. And ‘grounded’ isn’t something I’ve been accused of much. ‘Weird’, ‘nuts’, ‘blunt’, sure. ‘Common senseical’, yes again, but I’m pretty sure that one is only in comparison to weird ass news stories. And there are a LOT of those. Continue reading

So, How Was The Move?

Folks have been asking, “How was the move?”

Well, almost a week later, I *think* I can talk about it.

The nasty eye twitch is almost gone. I figure by the time the youngest moves out, I’ll be completely recovered.

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I Married An Asshole

married an asshole

Someone asked Wolf recently, “So, is your wife excited about the move?”

His response? “Sure, you can call it that. She’s going nuclear and losing her shit every couple of hours. Sure, call it excited.”

And then he came home and REPEATED the conversation to me.

But, that’s not what makes him an asshole. Continue reading