Open Letter To Allison Redford

Allison Redford is the former Premier of Alberta. She stepped down in March, amidst a scandal regarding her travel expenses.

The scandal continues to grow.

A report by the auditor general shows twelve flights that were booked with ‘false passengers’…folks who didn’t actually fly, preventing other eligible travellers from boarding the flights, and providing Ms. Redford with what amounts to private plane status.

The auditor general also showed over 50 times that Ms. Redford brought her daughter alone, at taxpayer expense, and stated that Ms. Redford benefitted personally from doing so, which now has folks calling for the RCMP to launch a criminal investigation.


Open letter to allison redford

Dear Ms. Redford,

As a former resident of Alberta, one who left the province not long before you stepped down, I have a few thoughts to share with you, about this latest issue.

Frankly, Allison, (it’s my blog, I’m dropping formalities here) it’s not actually a new scandal, now is it?

It’s the same thing you stepped down over. Abusing tax payer dollars.

As a taxpayer in Alberta during your regime, I’m completely disgusted. How far removed from reality, and the average Albertan do you have to be to justify the expenses you decided the taxpayers needed to cover for you? I guess I’ll be one of the first to tell you, Allie, but you were Premier. That’s not ‘Ruler’, ‘Queen’, or ‘Supreme Being’. Obviously, by the way you grossly abused the taxpayer dollar, nobody bothered to inform you of the difference in status amongst those titles.

I have no issue with you taking your daughter along. I’m a Mom, I wouldn’t want to be away from my kids for extended periods either. But, Allie, there’s a catch: I would do what any OTHER non government elected official would do: pay, out of my OWN pocket, for my child(ren) to join me. The average working person that travels for their job does not expect their employer to cover travel expenses for their family. And, as an elected official, guess who your employer is? The Alberta taxpayers.

And don’t bother whining about being away, serving the public, blah blah blah. It’s not like travel was a shock to you, you knew before you ran for the Premier’s office that travel was involved. If you didn’t want to a) be away from your family that much or b) pay for your family to join you, you shouldn’t have run for office.

It’s called common sense, Allie. You don’t go after a job when you don’t want to fulfill all of its obligations as it requires. That’s what the average person does. There’s no excuse for elected officials, or those considering running to be an elected official, not to do the same.

You had ZERO right to bill your daughter’s travel expenses to the tax payers. ZERO. Heaven knows you were well compensated for your time as Premier. How, exactly, does someone decide that the provincial government needs to BUILD them a flipping penthouse in a government building? And a security task force, from the Calgary Police Service to the forecasted tune of 1.8 million dollars OVER BUDGET when your predecessor had seven Sheriff Deputies?

Allie, you were obviously drunk on power, and mistook the taxpayer’s money for your own personal playground. You didn’t win the lotto, Allie. You just got elected.

I, for one, would be *delighted* to host you, at taxpayer dollars, once again. Jail is completely appropriate for your gross and flagrant abuse of taxpayer trust, violation of the duties of your job as an elected official, and, as far as I’m concerned, fraud, theft, and anything else that would happen to the *average* Albertan that systematically billed their employer for ridiculous expenses, that had nothing to do with their actual job.

You deserve the full weight of the law coming to bear upon you, just as anyone else would. It’s time that Allie learns that she’s not the special snowflake that can abuse public trust and dollars, and has to be accountable for her actions.

The damage you have wrought, by your actions goes far, far beyond what ever dollar amount gets assigned to the abuses you committed. The loss of trust in elected officials, for the average voter, is incalculable.

Attempt to conduct yourself with some scrap of honour and dignity, Allie. Admit, confess to what you did, and face the consequences, rather than cost taxpayers even MORE money to pursue you through court.

I know, I know, never going to happen.

Your honour is long gone.

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