Not Good Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Ok, This whole Elf on the Shelf thing? I suck at it. I am not a good Elf wrangler. I do not have good Elf on the Shelf ideas. Not in the freaking slightest. Noooope. For today’s wordless Wednesday, I give you the evolution…or perhaps, the de-evolution (regression?) of my Elf abilities.

Not A Good Elf Wrangler

I started out sweet and nice

I started out nice. I did. Cookie sheet, sugar ‘snow’, elf making a snow angel, and a snowman made from marshmallows. How sweet can you get, right?

Frankly, I gagged myself with the sweetness. But, it’s Christmas, peace on Earth, and all that jazz.

“Do not emotionally scar the children!” is a parenting motto here.

But then, time went on…

Not A Good Elf Wrangler

I have some mixed emotions about the Elf. Stitch, however, just hates him.

Yes, that is what you think. The elf is tied to the bumper of a truck, with tinsel, that is being driven by Stitch. Who’s already shown his dislike of the Elf on a previous evening.

Not a Good Elf Wrangler

He looks pretty happy…

Not A Good Elf Wrangler

Tinsel. Loads of uses for it.

I suspect I may need therapy, because this is what happened last night. Using my cell phone:

Not a Good Elf Wrangler

I can see you. I’m a creepy spying elf…

Not a Good Elf Wrangler

Pretty sure that’s Wolf’s beer can. Great, he’s a drunk spy.

Not a Good Elf Wrangler

Really? A butt shot? Freakin Elf can’t handle his booze…

I think I need therapy. Wolf and Diva seem to agree, because I caught them whispering earlier, and they don’t seem to want to let me near the Elf again.

But, we have a new microwave…

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Not Good Elf on the Shelf Ideas — 4 Comments

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  2. If you want to get really creative, you might make a candy cane reindeer. Twist up a brown pipe cleaner for antlers, glue on a couple of wiggly eyes and a pom pom nose, and you’re done. Then you could have the elf ride the reindeer.

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