Never Trust A Toddler

There are certain laws of the Universe. Gravity being one.

And right up there with that, is, “Never trust a quiet toddler.”

Sometimes, though, you don’t have a whole lot of options.

Take today, for instance.

Wolf, and three out of five Minions (Diva, Tazzie, Princess) are at the ski hill. Leaving me w/Boo and Cubby.

It was while I was feeding Cubby, that I noticed the silence. Mommy radar started pinging. I knew he couldn’t be in the bathroom (we keep it locked), nor my bedroom (locked too) and I could see well enough to know he wasn’t in the bathroom. I couldn’t hear footsteps upstairs, so process of elimination told me that he was either playing in his room, or with the Hot Wheels track that is set up on our stairs.

Yes, we have a car track going down the stairs. Boo *loves* racing cars down it, but I’ve also caught Wolf and Tazzie playing with it. Alone.

Either way, no big deal.


I forgot that gee, we have Bazinga’s crate in Boo’s room, due to lack of space.

And in her crate…her food.

So, after getting Cubby down for a nap, I checked out the situation.

Kibble. Kibble everywhere. And Boo, sitting in the midst of the kibble minefield, grinning happily.

Twenty minutes later, it’s picked up. Mostly.

I left to answer the phone, return 3 minutes later, and this is what I discover.

Yup. He’s *in* the dog crate.

Thankfully, our dog isn’t the jealous type.

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