My Awesome Diva

Having myself a Mommy Brag moment.

My awesome Diva, the one of bronze medal winning fame (here) and katana dreams (here) and secret dancer of The Twist (here)  had a review for her organization. Yes, I’m being intentionally vague..Internet and privacy yanno.


Not only did she get a promotion, but she also won the award for 1st year!

Wooo hooo Diva!

Way to crush that ‘weird, unsocialized homeschooler’ myth to dust!

This kid kills me. We’re sitting there, and they’re explaining the award. She’s whispering to me the person she figures will get the award, and they announce *her* name. Her reaction?


I love that kid.

She gets to keep the trophy at home until next year.

In our house. Somewhere safe.

With Terror Toddler in the same residence. I’m thinking of lashing it to the roof. I’m *pretty sure* that he wouldn’t be able to get a hold of it there.

Mostly sure.

Diva says if this keeps up, she’s going to need a trophy case. What a terrible problem to have. Wolf, hearing this, got that gleam in his eye. That ‘Handy Man’s Corner’ gleam. I sent him out to run the barbecue to distract him.

The Middle Minions were arguing over which of them would win the trophy next. Pointing out that neither of them could even join the organization for years yet didn’t phase them. I finally pointed out that they’re a year apart in age, so that means that Tazzie could win it one year, and Princess the next. I thought that would settle the debate, and it did, sort of. Princess was then unhappy, and demanded to know why she wasn’t born first, because it wasn’t fair that Tazzie could join before her.

Tazzie telling Princess that he was born before her because I like him more didn’t help either.


Only my children could take a sibling winning an award, and turn it into squabbling over birth order, and a “Mommy likes me best” contest.

For myself, I’m awed by my girl. She’s always been someone who amazed me. She’s bright, funny, compassionate, has a huge heart, and I wonder how she got to be the way she is, because I’ve zero clue how to teach someone to be the kind of person she is. I give God the full credit, because it’s *her*.  She’s who He created her to be. I’m just lucky enough to get a front row seat to witness her becoming that young woman.

Being a mom is a bittersweet thing, sometimes. I’m so incredibly proud of her, of the young woman she’s fast growing to be…and I remember that baby she was.

Dang it.

Where’d those tissues go?
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