Lottery Dreams

If I had a million dollars...

If I had a million dollars…

I don’t know about anyone else, but around here, “What would we do if we won the lottery?” is a bit of a hobby. If not a sport. If it were in the Olympics, I think I could go for Lottery Dreams, and gold medal that puppy.

What would I do if we won the lottery?

1) MOVE. Duh, right? But, with this week’s jackpot being $30 million, we wouldn’t have to be careful about it. I swear, I could have us gone in 24-48 hrs. Everything would be donated to the local women’s shelter and food bank, and whatever they didn’t want/need/accept would go to the reuse centre. Anything irreplaceable, of course, goes with us. Stuff like photos, my puter (again, photos and writing) and keep sakes. I’ve actually debated with Wolf if our gigantic table is a keep sake or not. I vote yes, since it sits all of us without either of the two leaves put in, is solid wood, and we’d probably never find another like it. He’s all, “But it won’t fit in a suitcase!” Yeah, but we could hire someone to move the dang thing. And/or store it for us until we were ready for it. $30 million gives you a LOT of options, Pal.

2) Bribe someone to allow Bazinga the Wonder Dog in the hotel we’d stay in. Cause buying a house takes some time, and I’m not sticking around here, waiting on a closing date.

3) Buy a house. Again, duh. BUT…chances are good we’d buy a house with enough land to build another on it. Then build the dream house, while living in the other.

4) Dream house? What’s your dream house, you ask? First, enough bedrooms for everyone. And a library. And an office. Two, if Wolf wants one. And a school room, with a glassed in area for doing art, a butt load of counter tops for science, and shelves and drawers and organizational doo dads out the wazoo. Yeah, I’d have to hire someone to organize me, but I would. Promise! Oh, and a music room. Like…soundproofed. Five kids playing instruments? Sound proofing is a must. The kitchen would be a thing of epic proportions. Big enough that STAFF could work in it, and not bump into each other. Not saying I’d *have* staff, mind you, but it gives you an idea of the dimensions of the room I’m dreaming about. Two ovens, a massive stove top range, cupboards big enough to fit an adult body into, counters everywhere, industrial dishwasher, walk in freezer, and probably industrial sized fridge too.¬†I’m not screwing around here, folks. We’re a big family, and it would be completely glorious to have space and room, and a kitchen that doesn’t make you want to scream in frustration when working in it. An en suite in the master bedroom, with a massive tub, shower stall. A laundry room with top of the line industrial sized appliances, and again, SPACE to work in. More than one bathroom in the rest of the house. Those are my ‘must haves’. Wolf talks about outbuildings, including something he calls, “The Shag Shack For Mom and Dad” which kinda worries me, but I don’t ask him any questions…mainly because I know he’d answer me. In detail. He’s also mentioned an indoor pool, a Man Cave, and workshops.

5)¬†Homeschooling would take on epic proportions. For example, study the Medieval and Renaissance time periods, then head off to Europe to tour all the places they’ve read about.

6) Figure out how to set up a charity, some sort of scholarship for women escaping domestic violence, so they can acquire what they need to support themselves, and their children.

7) There are a few folks in my life that would be able to pursue some dreams of their own.

8) Vow renewal. We’ve talked about renewing our vows, and having things as *we* want them, vs the gong show that was our wedding. We’d fly folks in, all expenses paid, that mattered to us, have one heck of a party, and make some incredible memories.

9) Oh, and we’d buy a new vehicle, set up the new house, furnishings and such.

10) I’d never, EVER go through another Canadian winter again. EVER. Come back for Christmas, Wolf and the kids could get their snow sports in, and be gone a few weeks later.

11) I’ll be honest here: I’d probably never scrub another toilet again. And rarely cook. Housework wouldn’t be an issue ever again.

What about you? What would your lottery dreams be?

Oh, and here’s your ear worm for the day. You’re welcome.

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Lottery Dreams — 8 Comments

  1. I like your lottery dreams a lot. And Wolf’s too. Indoor pool? He’s speaking my language. The one thing I’d want, in addition to being able to give my wife a kitchen like the one you dream of, is an office. My wife says I want a dorm room. Virginia Woolf called it a room of one’s own. For me it’s a place for my stuff that I can decorate any way I want with a desk in front of a window, and also in the back a long sturdy shelf for pottery and assorted art projects.

    Also travel. I collect foreign coins and I have a set from Tuvalu, a tiny set of islands far from anywhere in the Pacific. I don’t care that it’s barely eleven square miles of land in the middle of nothing. I want to visit that country. And so many others. And go back to Britain to take care of some unfinished business.

  2. OMG, the toilets and cleaning would so be off my list and definitely spend the winters someplace warm and tropical, too because the cold weather/snow are certainly not my cup of tea at all!

  3. I’d set up trust funds for my kids but would include provisions that prevented them from accessing the money until they were 35 or so because I want them to understand what it takes to make a living.

    I’d have houses in different locations so that I could feed whatever desire for weather/climate I wanted and they’d all have libraries.

    Not to mention the great kitchens and backyards you never get tired of.

    • We’ve talked about trusts too, w/the exact same line of thought. We want our kids to earn, achieve, build on their own.

      Plus, and it’s a bit cynical of me, but I’d keep the trusts a secret, and write something in that it wasn’t marital property. I don’t want them getting used by someone they think loves them.

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