Let’s Talk About Homeschooling

lets talk about homeschooling

Yesterday, this post at Blunt Moms hit my news feed.

I’ll be honest, I struggled with if I wanted to actually go ahead and post a rebuttal to it. I mean, why give more traffic to the article?

Then I realized, that a lie, gone unchallenged, can become truth.

And there was precious little truth, if any, in the article.

The author, who is actually an editor on the site, flat-out insulted homeschool families. There’s no way around that. She suggested that rather than teaching a child to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the mother would be better off to teach him to ask, “Do you want fries with that order?” since, (and I quote), “because we all know that’s where the kid is going to end up.”

Uh, ‘scuse me?

So, according to the author, all homeschooled kids are doomed to work in fast food joints.

Too bad nobody told Her Honour, Sandra Day O’Connor about that. Silly her, being a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, after being homeschooled. Or General Patton. Or General MacArthur. And then there’s Einstein, Monet, Da Vinci, Orville and Wilbur Wright…the list goes on. (You can find it here, if you’re interested).

Frankly, for a piece about education, the author comes across as being completely ignorant. And arrogant.

She’s decided that all homeschoolers are like the few examples she cites as knowing via Facebook. And that child protection orders should be involved.

I honestly don’t know if this piece was written to deliberately provoke, or if this is genuinely how she feels.

The end result, however, is that she’s chosen to deliberately insult a growing number of families, who, for whatever reason, are turning to homeschooling to educate their children. She did so deliberately, choosing words to anger and inflame, to insult and offend.

This wasn’t a ‘blunt’ piece. It was meant to harm. It was meant to insult.

I don’t have a problem with folks wanting to discuss, debate, disagree. Heck, as a homeschooling Mom of a large family, it’s part of the way things are. But this wasn’t an attempt at a dialogue. It was anĀ attack on parenting choices. Parenting choices that are legal in the U.S. and Canada.

Because she disagrees with them.

That’s not being blunt. That’s being arrogant.

I’m not angry. I’m not here to name call, although there are some that would say that my calling her ‘arrogant’ is name calling, but I would disagree. I think that presenting her opinion as fact, doing no research on homeschooling, and publishing an inflammatory piece condemning other families for their educational choices *is* arrogant.

I’m honestly sad. I’m sad that she didn’t take some time to do some research. I’m sad that she chose to attack, to be insulting, based on her complete lack of knowledge on the subject. And yes, I consider three Facebook friends to be a complete lack of knowledge. Only knowing someone via their FB statuses gives you very little actual insight into their lives, let alone what they’re actually doing to educate their kids.

The homeschoolers I personally know spend hours researching curricula. Planning things out. Teaching their kids. Marking their work. Setting up field trips, extra curriculars…the list goes on. They are homeschooling because they truly believe that it is what is in their child’s best interest. There are as many reasons to homeschool as there are families. Learning challenges, Autism, life threatening allergies, sensory issues, dyslexia, bullying issues, gifted kids…those are just some of the things that caused families to homeschool that I personally am aware of.

Homeschooling has evolved. What was once considered the domain of religious fanaticism has now become a recognized educational path. Harvard and Yale have both offered scholarships to homeschooled kids.

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. I would never, ever say it was, and I will defend anyone that insults a parent who places their child in public school against someone spouting ignorant, biased rhetoric. All parents are doing what they feel is best for their child.

And really? That’s what it boils down to. We’re all doing our best. And insulting, belittling, and suggesting that children of homeschool families are in need of child protection orders is disgusting.

For another homeschooler’s answer to this piece, I suggest a good friend of mine. She’s been at this homeschooling gig much longer than I have, and is simply a brilliant, wonderful woman. Check her out here

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Let’s Talk About Homeschooling — 12 Comments

  1. Whenever I make a sweeping generalization I always find an exception to it. Well, there have been a few exceptions…

    I think you get the point. Even if, out of the millions of parents who homeschool, there were only one example of a child that not only benefited from homeschooling but went on to great success that would be enough to counter the claim that homeschooling is bad.

    And I also think I can safely say that piece represents the sort of sloppy writing editors, generally, are supposed to catch.

    • Thank you, Kristen. I hemmed and hawed over this article, because I wanted to speak to the fallacies in the piece, but not have it come off as a counter attack.

      Hopefully, I accomplished that.

    • It is an interesting subject, I think. There are so many diverse families now, joining the homeschooling ranks, with more every year. What was once viewed as the domain of extreme religious sects has grown astronomically.

      In the folks I could as friends, I have athiests, agnostics, Wiccans, Pagans, Christians, Buddists, Jewish, Muslims…and that’s just off the top of my head.

  2. Not an article I want to waste my time reading. I’m so over other parents tearing others down especially when it comes to schooling. I agree with above, Perfect rebuttal even if I haven’t read the first articl, I can imagine!

  3. I just read that article today. It seems to have been removed, but a copy was saved via Triberr.

    I am almost thirty-two, and I was homeschooled, so I have a little insight on how the career path turned out. I posted about it on my blog.

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