I Think We Won A Million Dollars!

i think we won a million dollars

So, there I am, completely bleary eyed, having been up with both of the youngest Minions most of the night.

Wolf is sitting in the kitchen, peering at his phone.

“I think we won a million dollars.” he says, casually.

“YOU THINK WE WHAT?!” I shrieked.

“I mean, I don’t think we won even the million dollars, unless your ticket has it.”

Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!

On what freaking planet is, “I think we won” the same as, “I don’t think we won”?

Wolf claims that he was just groggy, and the words didn’t come out right.

I think he was purposefully jacking me around.

But that’s ok.

“I want to have wild, passionate, monkey love.” is just the same as, “You’re never getting nooky again.”, right?

Sounds about right to me.

Seriously, what a way to start a morning. From the heights of, “Holy old cheezits, we can do EVERYTHING we planned!” to, plummeting back to Earth, and the reality of, “Still budgeting, budgeting, budgeting…” like a twisted version of Dory.

It’s actually a good thing my goals are simple. Move the heck out of this house, out of the area. Across country. Buy a place big enough for our ‘clan’ as Wolf calls our family.

That’s it.

I posted a meme on the Facebook page for the blog, asking what folks would choose: free lifetime travel, $300 a month for groceries for life, free gas for twenty years, or a free $80,000 Mercedes. Overwhelmingly, folks picked the free travel.


I’d take the Mercedes. And sell it. The money from that would get us moved, a down payment on the place we want, and clear a bill or two.

A place of our own, that’s my big dream.

Well, that, and crafting some sort of revenge on Wolf.

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